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With this year's Game Developer's Conference (GDC) (and the subsequent Game Developer's Choice awards) coming to a close, it came as a surprise to absolutely no-one that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt came away with another "Game of the Year" (GotY) award from the show. The Witcher 3 has been cleaning up in the "Game of the Year" category for 2015, with some other notable wins including awards from Gamespot, IGN, and Spike's The Game Awards just to name a few.

The Witcher 3 has been doing so well in fact, that it's won more "Game of the Year" awards than any other game in history.

According to stats tallied from the Game of the Year Picks Blog, The Witcher has won an astounding 253 GotY awards since release. If you think that's a lot, your brain is definitely still working right, because given that there were only a total of 431 awards, The Witcher 3 totally cleaned house. For a matter of perspective, the three runner-ups were Fallout 4 with 56 wins, Bloodborne with 31 wins, and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain with 29 wins.

If CD Projekt RED's utter evisceration of the competition still isn't impressive enough, The Witcher 3 beat the previous record of most awards given even when there were fewer total awards given this year. When The Last of Us previously claimed the most GotY awards in 2013, there were a total of 523 awards given out that year, compared to this year's 431.

Personally, I loved Wild Hunt and can't wait for more, the Blood and Wine expansion can't come quickly enough!

Do you think The Witcher 3 deserved all the love it's been getting? Were there any other games released this year that you thought deserved more praise?


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