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With The Divergent SerieS: Allegiant coming out, we should ask this to ourselves: How are Young Adult movies still a bloody thing?

I am totally not saying all of them are bad, right? (The Perks Of Being A Wallflower is alright) but most of them are the same shit, and it's painful to see Hollywood just go on making these films, even though no one wants them, except a small fraction of young teen girls who only care about abs than anything.

So, why is it a dead horse beaten? Here's the reason.

It's all the same crap, mate

It's usually some horny teenagers who stand up to some goverment, organization of sorts, and they keep doing it, examples are Hunger Games, Divergent and that godawful Twilight.

And they keep doing it, with the already dead Divergent franchise having Ascendant or something in theaters next year.

WTF? Why is still alive? And it's become the scum of the cinema.

It is dying.........slowly

So many worthwhile books being destroyed by their shitty adaptation, and an example of that is Percy Jackson, and maybe Seventh Son.

And i bet at this point, Hollywoods executives are tired of this bullshit, like everyone.


Do you think the Young Adult 'phenomenon' is dead?




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