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Today symbolises the 20th anniversary for Capcom's iconic zombie horror game Resident Evil.

March 22, 1996, a day that will be remembered by horror fans forever. Twenty years ago today, we were first granted access to that infamous mansion. The stark cold environment, the dark claustrophobic hallways leading into ominous corners completely revolutionised the survival horror genre. This totally unique concept ushered in an all-new breed of horror that to this day, remains pretty much unchanged.

So revolutionary was this horror game that it left an imprint on pretty much anyone that played the game. The Resident Evil concept was so popular that it spawned the birth of a thrilling video game series that still exists today and also gave birth to a blockbuster movie franchise, which is still going strong a full twenty years later.

Whether portrayed on video game consoles or movie screens this killer franchise can only get bigger, it can and will only get better. With this pedigree it is looking like Resident Evil will continue to rock and sock audiences for another twenty years.

Over the past twenty years, the games have spawned many an iconic moment – replicated in and across many other platforms – from movies to cosplay Resident Evil never ceases to inspire.

Remember that terrifying but thrilling feeling you got when you entered into that ‘open door’ cinematic - not knowing what was on the other side. That decision to go up the stairs - not knowing what awaits you at the top. Or the very first time we ever saw a zombie in Resident evil – that was scary as hell.

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the epic franchise we are putting together twenty of the most iconic Resident Evil moments ever. A fright for every year - the collection will span the entire series. It’s a celebration – add your favourite Resident Evil moments at the bottom.

20. Wow, what a mansion!

That moment we first step foot in Spencer mansion. The “What is this?” moment. The footsteps that echo around the reception hall, the gunshot that can be heard in a back room. Iconic sounds that any Resident Evil player will recognise.

19. Those Intros!

The game always had a rocking intro. From the pure cheese of the original to the interactive, all out action intro we experienced in Resident Evil 6.

18. The bad voice acting

The series is littered with bad voice acting however, it is something that got better as the series developed. That acting in the original, though! It is often laughable but somehow, ever so endearing.

17. The doors & stairs

That feeling of not knowing what was on the other side. The door and stair cinematics were actually physically distressing – once you had clicked that button you were committed. The door would creak, the stairs would thud – they really captured the core of the horror element here.

16. The dogs

Zombie dogs – need I say more. The dogs were faster, they were stronger and they were lower down – an altogether more difficult enemy to put down. And let’s not forget that time they burst through the windows!

15. The licker

The very first time I saw I encountered the Licker was one of the scariest video game experiences of my life. Yes, I was a little younger but that thing was the most terrifying creature I had ever encountered. I think the fact that it was on the roof and upside-down played a part in the overall effect.

14. Multiple endings

The idea that a game can have different endings for different protagonists was inspired. Although not entirely original – Resident Evil was responsible for bringing this concept to the mainstream.

13. We had to look up in Resident Evil

So, the Licker was terrifying but we can’t talk about the Licker without mentioning the spiders. This game was one of the first games that tough us to look up in linear games. It introduced a totally new perspective for gamers to experience.

12. The Hunter switch

So you’ve killed all the zombies, everything is fine – or is it? Enter the introduction of the Hunters. When these faster, stronger and immensely bigger creatures replaced the zombies in the original - that was one of those times where you just want to drop the controller, jump behind the sofa and cry.

11. The morgue

The morgue, not the most pleasant of places in any situation but when encountered in Resident Evil – hell no!

10. Thanks, Barry – double cross

That time we were double crossed – and then almost immediately saved by that very same double crosser. My first real experience of betrayal – Barry you tease!

9. Racoon city explodes

That time when Racoon City got erased from the surface of the planet. All is not well in the city of the dead.

8. No zombies

Resident Evil 4 introduced us to the concept that Capcom can make a rocking Resident Evil game without zombies and it can still be scary as hell.

7. Tyrant

The big cheese from the original game! Following on from that betrayal , Barry thinks it’s a good idea to investigate further what exactly Wesker was on about when he said “world’s most powerful biological weapon” – yea that’s not gonna end well guys – look around you!

6. Steve died!

How about that time when Steve died? Did you see that coming?

5. Nemesis

My favourite bad guy from the series – for me this guy symbolises the fear of the Resident Evil series. The game ramps up the fear through the game with off-screen noises and killer scary action music. You were never allowed to relax – it was impossible to shake that feeling you were being hunted. What a beast!

4. Arms through the windows

The original jump scare! That time when you are making your way down a seemingly innocent, danger free hallway and all of a sudden the zombie arms crash through the windows. This is scary even when you know it is coming.

3. The boulder punch

One of the internet’s favourite Resident Evil moments. When Chris punches a boulder in Resident Evil 5. Spawning multiple parody spin-offs this scene where Chris beats the s***out of a big ass rock has earned itself international acclaim as one of Resident Evils best WTF moments.

2. Comms officer is still part human

The insanely gross monster that retains part of its human mind. The comms officer in Revelations is a mutated monster with a circular saw-like appendage. He will continually plead with you to stop as he is trying to mash you up into tiny pieces.

1. The first zombie

The most iconic moment in Resident Evil history. This is the very first time we are introduced to a zombie. The slow turn that reveals the face of the undead as he stares at the player with those dead eyes. A scene that has been appreciated by horror fans from across the board for decades.

Did we miss anything? There were many, many more moments that sprung to mind but unfortunately, didn’t quite make our lift. Add your favourite Resident Evil moment below.


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