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We have such a wide variety of hyper-realistic horror games being developed right now by indie developers. Allison Road and Visage are a few recent ones that come to mind. Horror fans have been quite stunned at the AAA-like quality that indie horror games have been showcasing, and it's no surprise! And now we have yet another contender that's stepping up to the plate. Say hello to Gray Dawn.

Missed the Trailer? Watch it Below!

Gray Dawn is a first-person horror game with adventure game elements, exploring both real and unreal universes, while discovering the most foreign and forbidden mysteries of different cultures around the world.

Interactive Stone, a small indie team of three based in Romania, drew inspiration from both horror classics (the early Silent Hill and Resident Evil games), and new favorites (Amnesia, P.T.). Today we take an exclusive first look into Gray Dawn, and learn new information about the story and gameplay mechanics!

An Exorcism Gone Wrong...

The game's story revolves around a priest, Father Abraham, who is accused of murdering one of his altar boys, David, who went missing a few days before the start of the game. The young boy was extremely ill and was demonstrating shocking, unnatural behavior.

Believing that David was possessed, Father Abraham chose to perform an exorcism. However, the exorcism failed, and David surprisingly leaped out of the window. David's corpse has yet to be found. Now it's up to us — playing as Father Abraham — to discover what happened.

What Awaits Us In The Great Unknown?

Taking place somewhere between 1910 and 1920 within London and different parts of Eastern Europe, the game's surroundings are absolutely gorgeous! Throughout the released trailers and screenshots, we see ourselves venturing outside — even in broad daylight! As this isn't something tackled often in horror games, I was very curious as to what made Interactive Stone decide to take us outdoors. They said:

"Unlike the horror games that are dark and scary from start to finish, we want do to something different and mix dark, claustrophobic environments with beautiful ones. The idea is to put together heaven and hell, light and darkness, beauty and grotesque."

What's The Purpose Of The Various Religious Imagery?

Given that Father Abraham is a Catholic priest, it was no surprise to see items related to that religion. However, with a careful eye, you'll also notice items like a Jewish menorah, as well as a statue of one of the Hindu Gods, Shiva. When asked about the significance of these various items, Interactive Stone had this to say:

"We use aspects from different religions in order to support the unnatural phenomena occurring at The Black Tower parish (where Father Abraham lives). All those ritualistic elements try to reveal something about the ambiguity of the world. Basically, there will be a religious signification for everything in the game. For example, if the house is suddenly overtaken by a locust swarm, it may have something to do with a certain Biblical event."

Additionally, the items tie into Father Abraham's backstory:

"Like many people, Father Abraham is someone who asks himself questions, like "Why am I here?", "What is the purpose of life?", "What waits for us at 'the end'?" and he has searched for answers in Hinduism, Judaism, Catholicism, et cetera. This is another reason for the various religious objects."

We Could Be Our Own Worst Enemy

Interactive Stone has done a good job of keeping the enemies under wraps, though I couldn't help but notice something very interesting during the brief gameplay trailer. As some supernatural events start occurring, we could see that our vision was getting worse, as well as hearing some rather haunting murmuring and whispering in the background. It didn't last long, however, as the gameplay trailer ended with Father Abraham impaling himself on a piece of glass to make it all end.

This is it. This is going to be where I die.
This is it. This is going to be where I die.

Interactive Stone confirmed that although there will be a few enemies (which can either be kept away or exorcised with certain holy items), some forces are not to be trifled with. When we see our vision start to fade, this means that we are either hallucinating (or worse, possessed), and it may lead Father Abraham to his demise — meaning that the mystery of what happened to David may never be revealed.

The Final Details

Planned for release in 2017, the game will be available on PC and PlayStation 4. Interactive Stone is currently thinking of including VR support, which would be released after the PC and PS4 versions. If you'd like to keep up with their development, you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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