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From Harley Quinn to ice skating's biggest tailspin!

According to Deadline, Margot Robbie is attached to play Tonya Harding, the infamously disgraced figure skater, in an upcoming movie entitled I, Tonya. The film will most likely chart Harding's humble upbringing to her fall from grace, after she conspired with her husband and bodyguard to hire someone to injure her main competition, Nancy Kerrigan.

Though she was the first American woman to achieve a triple axel in major competitions, Harding is best remembered for this highly publicized scandal. Her hitman only bruised Kerrigan's leg, and Harding was consequently caught, performed poorly at the Olympic Games, and ultimately had her 1994 championship title stripped. In the end, Kerrigan won silver and Harding was banned for life.

In addition to starring in this whirlwind true tale, Robbie is also signing on in a producing role. It must be something of a passion project for her, too, because she's taking it upon herself to secure a director. Writer Steven Rogers (Kate & Leopold) has penned the script.

Tonya Harding's life story is more than fit for the big screen, so now we just need to know who will play her rival Nancy Kerrigan. Any ideas?

(Source: Deadline)


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