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The wonderful world of cosplay never ceases to amaze me – it is a wonderful world full of freedom and total unbridled freedom. It is one of those fantastic activities that actively encourage people from all demographics to feel free to express themselves via the medium of fantasy. Apparently this now extends to our pets – welcome to the secret world of the pet cosplay enthusiast.

Starting with Twitter user and Pokémon enthusiast Shuka Moe. Shuka Moe is working at Tokyo University conducting extremely confidential research on toads. –As you can see below. Moe discovered that her little amphibian co-workers looka little like Venusaur or Ivysaur.

No? Well, wait until you see them with their little outfits on.

Canines are not short of a cosplay outfit or two either. These little guys love nothing more than donning their gear and hitting the arena.

Some cute and some admittedly a little scary – the world of cosplay is open to anyone. Have you got a pet that likes to dress up like any of our favourite pop-culture stars?

Source: Animal Cosplay Team, Umbreon Dog


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