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Happy birthday to a confident, badass chick who puts the "wonder" in wonderful. I'm of course talking about Wonder Woman, who made her debut in December 1941. Although that date marks her introduction to the world, the 1976 DC calendar lists Wonder Woman's fictional birthday as March 22.

To celebrate this beloved superhero's day of birth, Hot Toys has released the Gal Gadot Wonder Woman figure to go with Batman and Superman.

The figure's scale is 1:6 and looks very much like the talented and gorgeous Gadot. Plus, her hair is real, meaning it isn't made from sculpted plastic like most figurines.

Adorned in bright colors, Wonder Woman's suit and armor also detail scratches and bumps, as one isn't going to come out of a battle completely unscathed.

Wonder Woman also comes with her classic Lasso Of Truth, as well as the sword and shield seen in the trailers.

No exact dates have been given regarding the release of Hot Toys' Wonder Woman, but let's hope it's sooner rather than later. If interested, preorder will soon be available at Sideshow Collectibles.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice hit theaters this Friday, March 25.

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