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It's not been long since Hitman was released, but many of you could be like me where we've done our fair share of the first mission in Paris. Don't get me wrong, I really loved playing it! I'm just ready for some more Agent 47. We've been promised all these cool features, like the intriguing 'Elusive Targets'. Well, we've been given an update on what's to expect in the coming weeks...

The first thing Hitman told us is that we won't see the 'Elusive Contracts' until closer to the next episode in April. I'm kinda annoyed about that because I'm really excited to learn more about this game mode! This is what they had to say about delaying it a little bit longer:

The unfortunate news is that we’re pushing out the Elusive Targets until closer to the planned release of the next episode, Sapienza in April, but you’ll get two Escalation Contracts coming each week until the release of Sapienza and between these and the new challenges, you will be entertained for quite some time. Next week, you’ll know exactly when Sapienza will arrive. Stay tuned for that.

The two 'Escalation Contracts' in question here will have a little fun bonus to give us, and that bonus is The Vampire Magician Challenge Pack. This costume gives us that extra little push for more stealth where we will have to pick out different targets using this unique costume, check it out below!

Also, as of March 21, Hitman has added two new 'Escalation Contracts' for us all to try out. The first one follows Agent 47 where he has to kill his targets using the sabre. Sounds pretty tough, right?

You'll be using the sabre to eliminate one of your targets. On top of that, you'll need to be quick to hide bodies, avoid some extreme security measures and take down an additional target - and you'll need to do all of that fairly quickly.

The second 'Escalation Contract' is called the The Gemini Fiasco and follows 47 being put in complicated positions mainly using poison... Sounds pretty cool, but I think I've done that already, Hitman.

So there you have it guys! I'll be busy playing these over Easter, but I must admit I was hoping for a bit more. What do you think?


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