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Gal Gadot will be making her first appearance as Wonder Woman in this week's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, making it the character's first movie appearance. Despite this fact, Lynda Carter brought the character to life and, for a lot of people, will remain the greatest. has designed this cool new infographic highlighting the evolution of Wonder Woman (and her outfits) over the years. Beginning all the way back in 1941, this detailed infographic highlights every incarnation of the female superhero. Before seeing Gadot take on the iconic role, feast your eyes on this Infographic and reminisce with Wonder Woman's evolution.

As you can see, the majority of Wonder Woman incarnations were comic book related. Despite a lot of attempts, Wonder Woman has only ever been successfully executed on-screen once - Lynda Carter's TV series. Will Gal Gadot do the role justice? Only time will tell. The character has certainly evolved over the years - from Amazonian princess to Greek goddess, the interpretations are endless, but which one is your favourite?


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