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Chase Nourie

So, I saw BvS at an early screening, and it was easily one of the best superhero movies of all time. The movie is just as good as Nolan’s “The Dark Knight,” if not better. The expectations for this movie were through the roof and the movie beyond delivered. This movie is in my opinion darker than the Nolan trilogy. The scores done for the movie by Hans ZImmer and Junkie XL were phenomenal; best scores for a comic book movie ever. The film does an amazing job dealing with philosophical, theological, and geopolitical ideas of superheroes. You dive into the psyche of heroes, their questions, their fears, nightmares, and their place in the world and the consequences.

The pacing is better than other comic book movies to date; we see things build up to this great, epic, brawl instead of getting bits and spurts. It makes the overall payoff much, much better. This movie feels like a Greek epic come to the big screen. The film is brilliantly written and carved to perfection with a script penned by Academy Award Winning Screenwriter Chris Terrio, and The Dark Knight trilogy front man David S. Goyer. They have created a rich and epic storyline that explores its characters effectively with surprisingly profound emotional heft. With Terrio's writing style and Ben Affleck's assistance, the screenplay comes shining through, which will silence the Man of Steel haters.

The flow of the narrative is smooth. There is humor, there is wit. There is mythos, there is sadness. There is even a lot of subtle political commentary that Terrio sneaks in. You will feel many, many emotions while watching this.The dullness captured in Man of Steel is no longer present in this film (thank god), making it somewhat 'easier' to watch. The film’s pacing is a lot faster, somewhat like the new Star Wars; giving narrative transitions which flow and keep the audience's attention. It retains the dark/negative theme of previous DC films, driving the story with stronger scenes. It's very hard to like the two protagonists, as they're strong. But very individual minded -- making it somewhat hard to empathize with them.

Henry Cavill gets his second shot as the Man of Steel after the criticism he received for his first portrayal and he doesn’t disappoint. He continues to dwell into the back story and does an amazing job at showing the consequences that come with that kind of power. Cavill fleshes out the Boy in Blue that people hated so much in Man of Steel. All of the reasons you hated him (or loved him) will be either augmented or changed.

Ben Affleck has now stolen the throne as the best Bruce Wayne/Batman we have ever seen on the big screen. Director Zack Snyder’s use of Bruce's eyes as the of the audience during the Superman and Zod fight to get an outside perspective of the surrounding madness and destruction is great; and it’s done very effectively. You are mad at these beings, you feel the terror, the confusion, and the anger for them bringing the war here. It plays out with spectacle and sadness.

Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman was pure and dark. You can see he's traumatized by the events in the past (Possibly the death Robin? *Cough *Cough Jason Todd), and he has some fantastic lines in general. Affleck definitely regards Batman as a permanent part of his persona, while in Nolan series he eventually doesn't want Batman.

In combat, he's pretty much everything everyone would hope for from a film with Batman. In the last BvS trailer it was said he fought like the Arkham video games from a scene they showed, and that's a very accurate comparison. By far the best fight sequences involving Batman of all time. Tears flowed from my eyes while watching Batman just whoop everyone. It is a more violent Batman, and more visceral. The way Snyder showcases him in action, you can actually see him fighting unlike the Nolan films. He also gets a chance to use his detective skills, and it’s unlike anything we have seen in previous Batman films.

Also his relationship with Irons, who plays Alfred, is just wonderful in general. Irons was exceptional in the role. As we saw in the trailers, he gets some witty lines and also gets pretty emotional later on. He didn't get a lot of screen time, just enough to be effective. Always passing advice to Batman.

There are no words to express how important this film is for the future, not only of superheroes in the movies, but to influence a generation. This film marked the entry of the greatest female hero of all time, Wonder Woman in a grand style.

Gal Gadot was perfect. She spends an air of independence that is not behind any man. It is the representation of a whole generation of modern women. For those that hated on Gadot, suck it, she owns the role in every way possible. She really has stepped up her acting game as well. The woman has presence as Diana, grace and beauty and as Wonder Woman. She is truly a Goddess. People were moaning about Gail's size, forget that nonsense, she proves she does not need bulking muscles to be a warrior and her fight scenes are exceptional. Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman delivers so much movement and breath to the movie. You'll be aching for more of her by the time the closing credits roll.

Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor
Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor

Eisenberg's portrayal of Lex was one of the highlights of the entire film. Jesse plays his Luthor like a true devil. He is deceiving, manipulative, conniving. His Luthor is not muscular and bald as compared to what we have seen in previous Superman movies. There are some genuinely shocking and disturbing things related to Luthor that I didn't see coming. His Luthor is an evil genius who does a great job of pitting the two giants against each other. Jesse played the role to his strengths as he should have.

The cinematography used in the movie is fantastic, and I believe some of these moment within the film will be with us for some time, Overall can't say anymore great things about this movie without me spoiling anything, let’s just say it has left me speechless, and the Justice League is coming..


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