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Preacher is set to be one of the best shows on television. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have done a tremendous job as producers; and since they are huge fans of the comics, this should come as no surprise. While the show is apparently taking (some) liberties with the characters, it's still staying true to those characters and source material. Despite my initial doubts, Dominic Cooper does an amazing job as Jesse Custer, while Joseph Gilgun and Ruth Negga are fantastic as Cassidy and Tulip, respectively.

Aside from the main cast, the comic books contain a bevy of outstanding supporting characters who perfectly complement the other players. The Preacher comics are known for being dark and twisted, but some of these characters are very controversial. Obviously, Preacher will be limited in some aspects, like the sexual content, but I fully expect to see a few of these risqué characters pop up. Let us take a look at a few of the more contentious characters we would love to see in the series.

1. Jesus DeSade

DeSade was, in my opinion, the most disturbing character to read in the Preacher comics. His overtly sexualized nature left you asking yourself, "What am I reading?" after every panel. The host of large, heroin-filled sex parties is easily one of the sickest and most controversial characters in all of Preacher lore. One panel from the comics that would be particularly obscene for the screen is when Jesse walks in on a partygoer filming a sex tape with a child. It really was a disturbing comic book moment for Jesus DeSade.

2. God

If you're unfamiliar with the story behind Preacher, it's basically a hunt to find none other than God Almighty and kill him. God's abandonment of all his followers rubs Jesse the wrong way. This version of God is not all-loving, he is arrogant and manipulative. He is what every atheist dreams of God being, and it's a depiction that often rubs religious groups the wrong way. This depiction would likely cause a massive outcry and stir up controversy for the TV series. It will be interesting to see how the show's creators go about portraying God's storyline.

3. Allfather D'Aronique

One of the sickest characters in Preacher has to be Allfather D'Aronique. Not only does his backstory abolish the sacred tale of Jesus dying on the cross, it plays on the issue of severe eating disorders. Allfather is a very large man — around 700 pounds — who often eats to the point of throwing up, thus making the serious issue of bulimia quite satirical. Also, being a direct descendant of Jesus Christ, in order to keep the bloodline pure, Allfather and his siblings reproduce with each other. This issue leads to an even more controversial character: the Allfather's son.

4. The Messiah

When it comes to the issue of a child born of incest, there are severe risks that the child will suffer mental or physical disabilities. In Preacher, the organization known as "the Grail" has kept the bloodline of Jesus Christ pure for over 2000 years, and unfortunately their luck has run out. Allfather D'Aronique's son, the Messiah, has a severe mental illness and it's sad to see some of the things that he has to go through in the comic series. If the show chooses to go down the Grail storyline route, the Messiah has to come up eventually.

5. Herr Starr

Herr Starr is probably the primary antagonist of the Preacher comics (besides God and the Saint of Killers). From the moment we are first introduced to the sexually driven, immoral badass of the Grail in the comics, he has his share of crazy and weird moments. It all begins when he is unknowingly set up and raped by a man, a moment that haunts Starr throughout the entire series. Surely, Rogen and Goldberg can't exhibit this nature of sexuality on network television, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is toned down and made a bit more satirical.

6. Bob Glover And Freddy Allen

You may notice the shared theme for most of these characters is that they are sexual deviants, and our next two characters are the definition of deviant. They embody most of what Preacher seems to be about: extreme sexual content. They are very minor characters, but are key to Herr Starr's development and help set the tone of the series.

7. T.C.

Jesse Custer's backstory is perhaps one of the most twisted and horrible of them all. One of the catalysts for his horrors is the character T.C., a henchman to Jesse's deranged, extremist grandma, who basically kills everyone Jesse cares for in his young life. T.C. slit Jesse's best friend's throat because he accidentally witnessed T.C. having sexual relations with a chicken — yes, a chicken. That's the issue that stirs up so much controversy around this character, the bestiality. T.C. has very intimate relations with basically anything that is he is capable of having them with — including corpses and live animals. On the surface, T.C. is easily the sickest character in Preacher and it would be VERY interesting to see how he is used in the series, if at all.

All Of These Characters Would Be Great In 'Preacher' On AMC!

As you read, all the characters that I mentioned are extremely sick and horrid in their own little ways. In a sense, every character in Preacher has a dark side and comes with a certain degree of controversy, but they are all fabulously written thanks to Garth Ennis. While Preacher will air on network television, it will still be very controversial and sometimes sick. If they include even half of the characters I listed, we are in for a twisted thrill ride!

'Preacher' premieres May 22nd on AMC!

Which character from the 'Preacher' comics do you most want to see on the show?


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