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As an aspiring comic-book writer, I find guessing plots of upcoming television shows and movies absolutely intoxicating. I've been right on numerous occasions and I've been wrong probably more times then I care to admit. Also, as a fan; this is what it's all about. So please, my ten to twenty-readers, enjoy!

Let me know if you liked my version. Almost all the rumors about this movie was true. That's a really #$&*#(& bummer.

Act 1

I think the movie will start off with Batman. Trailers have a tendency to give away the beginning of the movie. That's OK -- he's going to be chasing KGBeast throughout Gotham. KGBeast was paid by Lex to frame The Batman in an incident involving The Dark Knight (The DK will stopped this one). This will set-up the action quite nicely and also give Clark Kent something to be pissed about. Then, Superman will argue with Perry White about the Bat-vigilante in Gotham. He will then talk with Lois and we can see how their relationship has grown since the last movie.

Next, we'll see Superman saving those people from the flood in Colorado and possibly the Rocket-launching. This will showcase how Superman's abilities have grown since the last movie. Now, we'll see Clark, Lex, Diana, and Bruce interacting at the party. This will set-up all the big players in the movie. Cut to Metropolis vs Gotham in the football game. There will be an attack on the game that Superman should have prevented. Vic Stone will be hurt badly and this is where the outrage will come after Superman. Then the attack on Gotham that makes Batman looks like the villain, all-perpetrated by Lex. This is where we see Bruce get super-pissed and blames Superman (expect to see flashbacks from Man of Steel, I don't like showing this first, I think it would take momentum away from the beginning of the movie)

Also this is where we get a brief mention of Jason Todd the second Robin. It makes zero-sense to have Dick Grayson lying dead in a grave. Damian Wayne will appear in Batman's solo movie. If you watched the clip from up above; he tells Diana that she's not the first woman to act like a babe in the woods towards him (this Batman is a tad ol' school & he must be talking about Catwoman and Talia Al Ghul). I can't wait to see how this plays out! The first tussle between the two will happen before the Senate meeting.

This is where Superman rips the doors of the Bat-Mobile and warns Batman. Superman should be a kind individual, if the movie does him correctly. They're both fed-up at this point. Luthor pretends to get angry when The Senate does nothing to Superman and he needs another plan if Batman fails to take out Kal-El or vice-versa.

I don't think Scoot will be playing Wallace Keefe, I think he'll either be Will Magnus, or possibly Ted Kord. He will have his first talk with Superman and says he doesn't blame him for losing his legs in the Battle of Metropolis. This will set-up future offerings in upcoming movies. (I would love for him to be playing Dick Grayson and this is one of the reasons why Batman is pissed!) Plus, why has it taken Batman two years to do something?

Act II

This is where Lex builds Doomsday. Now, he might already be in the process of building it, but this is where we'll see Emmett Vale speaking with Lex about what are the best options to proceed. This would be the best time, also, to show Diana and Bruce breaking into Luthor's lab. Diana is old and she knows all about other powerful figures in the DCEU. As an antiquities dealer, she is primed to be the gateway to the Justice League. (Batman might steal Zod's war-suit and that's what he bases his armor on.) This is where we'll see information on Aquaman and possibly an appearance. Or, did she steal Kryptonite? I'm not sure.

Lois will also be threatening Luthor, like a badass. She's going to be arguing with Perry White about how to proceed with LexCorp ; because of the bullet she found. This will lead to my last theory of the act. Clark heads back home to talk to with his mother and they will interweave flashbacks from Jonathon into this conversation. This is a perfect opportunity to make Clark the like-able person we all know that he is. This is all setting-up the big throw-down between Batman and Superman.

During this time that is going to be devoted to setting up Superman's arc in the story. Bruce will be on a Wonder Woman chase. He needs to get back what she stolen from Luthor's lab. This will be a fun exchange between the two. I have no clue why she's doing any of this. Except, she wants to know exactly what Lex is up to; Lex is one of the most dangerous people to ever exist in comics. Diana ain't no dummy.

Superman decides not to fight Batman after an afternoon delight with Lois, until he gets a call from Luthor. Luthor kidnapped Clark's mother and Lois. This will force Superman to fight Batman (Luthor knows who both Batman and Superman are -- he's Lex Luthor) . Lex thinks this will humiliate Superman by having a mere mortal take him out. Superman calls out Batman and they brawl.

Luthor set it up during Batman's robbery that he could steal the Kryptonite and battle Supes (Diana got it first, but she give it back). Right before Batman is going to finish Superman; The Flash appears and shows Batman a vision of Darkseid (I'm not sure how this works, maybe he takes him into the Speed Force?) . Superman will never win this battle because Clark should be too kind to actually hurt Bruce (besides slamming him on the roof a couple times). This is where the teary-eye moments come from; when Clark and Bruce have a heart-to-heart. Superman will tell Bruce about his mother and this is where we'll see the flashbacks of Lauren Cohan's Martha Wayne. She's actually credited and Jeffrey Dean Morgan is not. Therefore, I must believe that this Bruce will deal with the lost of his mother. It's something that they haven't done before. They'll bond over this until they hear a scream!


Why not start the third act with the battle of the century. Doomsday appears with a quick-scene of Luthor making him come to life. I really would like to see Aquaman come into play a little later. From the trailer we can depict that he creates him on the waterfront. How about when this resurrection takes place; Luthor creates a chemical-spill in the ocean which then alerts Arthur. He comes to the surface to see our heroes battling Doomsday. All the while they're battling Doomsday; Luthor unleashes an army of robots he's been creating under the false-pretense of his Lex/OS for the Government.

Superman takes on Doomsday; because it's from the comics. The other three heroes take it upon themselves to dispatch the robotic army. Wonder Woman is easily going to be the highlight to this movie. Batman confronts Lex about his plans and he finds out that the Government was behind this as well. This would be the most-thrilling, action-packed ending that I can imagine. See this will set-up the Justice League; due to The Trinity's distrust of the establishments. I would love to see Brainiac be the villain in Justice League: Part One. They would have the chance portrayed the world in utter chaos and it would be a great way to introduce the Justice League. Brainiac differs from Ultron a great deal. See, if you introduce the Justice League like this in the movie; then all you have to do is get Cyborg together and you're ready to rumble! Oh yeah, Jimmy Olsen will be introduced at the end of the movie!

Answering the Questions!

1. No one will die. Lois or Martha have the greatest likelihood of biting the big one.

2. The big twist is that the Government is behind the whole ordeal. Patrick Wilson is playing the POTUS and I'm guessing he'll have a small cameo on television.

3. Robin will only have a small shout-out, but next movie we'll see three Robins. Damian Wayne, Jason Todd, and Dick Grayson.

4. Aquaman's cameo will be the most awesome in the movie; because I am a huge fan and I'm letting my biased-nature dictate this answer.

5. Wonder Woman hates Lex Luthor. Lex is a creep and Wonder Woman is 5,000 years-old. She knows a creep, when she sees one! She will step in after seeing what Lex is up to, after she and Batman breaks into his lab! She's totally going to rock this movie.

I have already bought my IMAX 3D ticket to see this movie at 9:45 on Thursday night! If you disagree with anything, please feel free to tell me!


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