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Yesterday, Zack Snyder made quite a noise on the internet when asked about why the DC TV Universe wasn't part of the DCEU. While he acknowledged that Grant Gustin was terrific as The Flash, Snyder wasn't sure whether or not the TV show could fit into the cinematic universe they are trying to build. If you missed it, here's his declarations:

I just don’t think [Gustin] was a good fit. I’m very strict with this universe and I just don’t see a version where... that (tone is) not our world.

Even if Grant Gustin is my favorite guy in the world, and he’s very good, we made a commitment to the multiverse, so it’s just not a thing that’s possible.

This statement made a lot of fans (myself including) worried about what the DCEU is going to offer in the next few years. Batman v Superman is a very dark movie, it was said over and over again, but The Flash is something else entirely.

There is legitimate worries that we'll get a much darker Flash than we were used to in the comics and in the TV show, just for the sake of the 'dark' tone introduced in Man Of Steel. Snyder also acknowledged that the multiverse is a real thing, even if we suspected it.

However Snyder's wife Deborah Snyder, who's also a producer at Warner Bros., had a different opinion about the matter:

"They're so different from each other. David [Ayer] has created this really fun movie about bad guys trying to do good, and it’s brazen, and it has just a really great tone to it, so it’s really fun. And it’s so different from BvS and it’s completely different from what Patty Jenkins is doing with Wonder Woman. With Wonder Woman, it’s an origin story, it takes place also in World War I, so as you can imagine you’re kind of in a completely different world."

She then explained that those differences wouldn't be only visible in the settings of the movies but primarily in their tone:

"Just the color palette and everything of the films are so different from one another. It all stems from the hires they've made at the helm of these films. "I think that's what's so great about having these directors come on board who have a very strong vision and point of view for these characters and these stories, and they can really make it their own."

Are those explanations completely reassuring? Not entirely. Little is known yet about how The Flash will look on screen, thus it is nearly impossible to know where it will stand compared to Batman v Superman. In comparison, what made the MCU successful is its ability to go from one tone to another in its movies with The Winter Soldier or Guardians Of The Galaxy.

We can only hope that DC will do the same.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25, 2016.


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