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The number of episodes left in Season 6 of The Walking Dead are sadly winding down, but ratings and viewership show all signs of revving up for the season finale. Despite a small dip since the midseason premiere back in February, there's little cause for concern for the AMC smash hit.


According to the official figures from Deadline, Sunday's episode, "Twice As Far," earned a 6.04 rating and drew in 12.7 million live viewers, 7.7 million of which were in the target 18-49 demographic. This was a slight increase from the lull after "The Same Boat," which brought in 12.53 million overall. However, this is down somewhat from Season 5's Episode 14, which had over 13.78 million viewers.


That being said, it's common for end-of-season episodes to bring in the numbers, and it looks like this year will follow suit.

With the promise of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan finally appearing and the hinted death of a beloved character in the season finale, the episode will likely prove why The Walking Dead has earned the title of the highest-rated show on television.

We only have one more episode left before the Greg Nicotero-directed season finale of 'The Walking Dead' on April 3.

Who do you think is going to die in the season finale?

(Source: Deadline)


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