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Civil War is not long away now and the hype train is still well and truly moving. Baron Zemo is one of the villains we will see in [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), along with Crossbones and maybe Bucky Barnes for some of the movie. But strangely enough we haven't seen much of the character at all. He hasn't been in any of the amazing trailers for us to get a good look at him! This article is to help you get a feel for the dude that will be in the history books after the movie is out.

1. 'Baron Zemo' Is A Title

Much like what I wrote in my Black Panther facts article, "Baron Zemo" is a title rather than a singular person. The two main Baron Zemos include Heinrich (who fought Cap in World War 2) and Helmut, who took over when his father died. Which means there are two generations of Captain America villainy in this family. It is unclear which Baron Zemo we will see in Civil War, but it makes most sense we'll see Helmut. Let me know which one you're expecting!

2. He's Been Around For 54 Years!

I know some of you are hearing about this guy for the first time, but did you know he's been around since 1964?! He made his first appearance in July 1964 in the comic The Avengers #6. This appearance was by Heinrich, whereas Helmut made his first appearance in December 1973 in the comic Captain America #168.

3. His Deformity Is His Own Doing

Have you ever wondered why he wears the mask? Well, the reason depends on the Baron Zemo. Heinrich (the dad) wore it to remain anonymous, and then it accidentally got stuck on his face — yeah, that happened. Helmut (the son) fell into his own chemicals during a fight with Cap and ever since he blames Captain America for his injuries. Sore loser much?

4. Daniel Brühl Is Playing Him In 'Civil War'

Daniel Brühl is a 37-year-old German/Spanish actor and he is the fresh face that will don the purple mask of the ever so condescending Baron Zemo. You've seen him in a World World II setting already, in Tarantino's epic Inglourious Basterds. He had a good role in the movie and after re-watching the war flick, I must say it will be very interesting to see him in this role!

5. He Doesn't Have Any Superpowers

He may be very intelligent and quite daunting, but he doesn't hold any superpowers, unlike much of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He does, however, posses some expert swordsmanship skills. This could make for a good fight against Cap's shield, but won't do too well against the likes of Scarlett Witch or the Vision.

6. He Was Almost In 'The First Avenger'

The First Avenger writers — Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely — have admitted that in the initial draft of the script, Baron Zemo was present as a henchman to Red Skull. They later realized that it would be better to have him saved and utilized properly, which seems to have worked a treat for them now.

Let me know what you think of Marvel's latest villain to grace the big screen. We have yet to know more about his role in the movie, but I'm sure it won't be wasted seeing as he's one of Captain America's biggest foes!


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