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On March 21, Dancing with the Stars returned for its 22nd season. Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli were reunited with Len Goodman and the original judging trio was back and better than ever. Hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews returned as well.

When it comes to the cast, it is fun to see which celebrities shine in the beginning and see who else will improve over time. Here are some of the first impressions that the celebrities gave with their performances in the first (introduction night) week and the second (Latin night) week.

Geraldo Rivera. There's so much to say about this Fox News Correspondent and his partner Edyta Sliwinska. Rivera describes himself as the only Puerto Rican who can't dance, and well he is correct on that matter. Let's be honest, there wasn't much dancing in his cha cha but it was the funniest thing I've ever seen on DWTS. He received a 13/30 and it was pretty clear that he would most likely be eliminated first. For his second dance, Rivera performed a salsa while dressed as Donald Trump. Even though he's not a great dancer, Rivera is full of character and has a lot fun during his performances. His salsa scored a 13/30 and at the end of the second night he was eliminated from the competition. But we all knew that was going to happen.

Mischa Barton. The actress is most known for her role on The OC and she is partnered with Artem Chigvintsev. Her first dance, the tango, showed that she's clearly not a natural dancer and she received a 16/30. For the second week, Barton tried her best to not be her own worst enemy. She tried to have fun while doing her cha cha but the music and choreography did not mix well. The dance earned a 15/30. Honestly, she'll probably be sent home next.

Doug Flutie. The former quarterback and his partner Karina Smirnoff are a real underdog team this season. He's not that bad of a dancer but he's certainly not a good dancer either. Flutie's first dance, a foxtrot, scored a 15/30. On Latin night, Flutie performed an intense paso doble which was done very well. He put in all the extra work he needed to in order to do a lot better than he did last week. All that hard work paid off because he received a 20/30. Odds are he won't be in the competition for long but it will be fun to watch him become a better dancer.

Kim Fields. You may remember her as Tootie from the Facts of Life or from her current role on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her partner this season is Sasha Farber. Fields bring a lot of comedic moments to show, who else remembers the moment during her first rehearsals when she narrated a conversation that her thighs were having: "excuse me, pardon me." On the first night, Kim did especially well with her cha cha, her movements were fluid and crisp, and she scored a 20/30. Fields performed a salsa on Latin night with high energy but had a little stumble at the end due to a footing error. She scored a 19/30, if she didn't have the mistake she would have scored higher. Fields has great movement and has potential of doing well in this competition.

Antonio Brown. The Pittsburg Steelers star wide receiver is known for his moves on the field and he is partnered with Sharna Burgess. Brown has a charming personality and brings a lot of energy to his performance. His quickstep scored a 21/30. On Latin night, Brown performed a steamy rumba which got a lot of flack that it really did not deserve. His lines looked great and sharp and he had great rhythm. There was a lift which is a no no, but that routine deserved a higher score and not a 19/30. Brown is capable of being a great dancer and doing well in this competition.

Marla Maples. The former broadway star and ex-wife of Donald Trump is partnered with Tony Dovolani. Based on her packages she seems like a sweet and elegant lady, and it makes you wonder what she saw in Mr. Trump. She is 52 years old but does not move or really act like it. She has a very young spirit and soul. Her quickstep was elegant and lively and it even scored 21/30. For week two Marla performed an Argentine tango that was very polished and elegant but didn't have enough spice for Latin night. And that received a score of 20/30. It's difficult to rank Marla because she is a really good dancer, but it is hard to determine how popular she is with the fans. She may not make it to the end but she'll have a decent amount of time on the show. Or maybe she will... Who knows?!

Von Miller. Miller is a linebacker for the Denver Broncos and he recently won Super Bowl MVP. Even though there is a major height difference between himself and his partner Witney Carson, it is not very noticeable when they dance. Miller brings his own when he dances. He's smooth and precise when it comes to the movements. He scored a 21/30 for his foxtrot. Miller's cha cha for Latin night was an entertaining and well done performance. It earned a score of 20/30. Miller can be a little lazy when it comes dancing but if applies himself a little bit more he can make it far in the competition.

Jodie Sweetin. Sweet little Stephanie Tanner from Full House was a fan favorite from the start. And congratulations are in order for her partner Keo Motsepe who finally received a decent partner. Her first dance was a tango and it was pretty good even though she had a snarl on her face throughout the entire dance. She ended up scoring 20/30. Sweetin was much better week two with her samba, it was a fun and sassy routine. Her facial expressions were much better this time around. She received a score of 21/30 for her samba. If Sweetin keeps improving like this she could make it the end.

Ginger Zee. The Good Morning America meteorologist and new mother has a bubbly personality which may come on a little strong. Some may love her, others may find her annoying. But when it comes to her dancing the girl is good which is good for her partner Val Chmerkovskiy. She received a score of 23/30 for her jiver, which was tied for first place. For week two, Zee performed a samba which scored a 21/30. The samba was okay, Zee lost her footing and stumbled a little in the middle but the rest of the dance was good. Zee is very similar to last season's champion Bindi Irwin, she has great facials and musicality. She'll be tough competition throughout the season.

Paige VanZant. The tough UFC fighter was a complete surprise this season. She will be tough competition. Then again, she is partnered with Mark Ballas, who is one the best dancers on the show. But VanZant stood her ground in her foxtrot, she was graceful and light on her feet and definitely earned her score of 21/30. During the second week, Mark Ballas injured his back during rehearsals so VanZant danced with Alan Bersten instead. The salsa was fun and fierce, and you could not tell that her partner was a last minute replacement. She perfected a routine with a new partner in two hours and ended up earning a 24/30, which was tied for first place. VanZant moves well and she will be tough competition this season. She has what it takes to make it far into the competition and maybe even the finale.

Nyle DiMarco. DiMarco, is most known as the winner of the 22nd season of America's Next Top Model. DiMarco is also deaf so this makes him the first male deaf contestant on DWTS, we all remember Marlee Matlin was on season 6. Since he is deaf it can be a challenge communicating with his partner Peta Murgatroyd but luckily they make a great team. Peta will learn a lot of sign language this season, and they have created their own form of communication. DiMarco's biggest fear is being off beat because of his deafness but based of his first dance you wouldn't be able to tell he was deaf. He was on beat and killed that cha cha, earning a score of 23/30 also tied for first place. On Latin night, DiMarco performed a rumba that was stunning and included a lot of details in the choreography. There was a lift and they got points knocked off for that, which is why they scored a 20/30. DiMarco will be tough competition if he keeps up this amazing work. He could make it to the finale, or even win it all, he's that good.

Wanya Morris. The member of Boyz II Men is another fan favorite this season and it is easy to see why. He is the most charismatic contestants. He and his partner Lindsay Arnold were very impressive with their first dance, a cha cha, to the Boyz II Men hit Motownphilly. Wanya is light on his feet and Carrie Ann described him as a "twinkle toe in the making." They tied for first place with a score of 23/30. On Latin night, Wanya killed it once again with an awesome salsa that was full of energy and excitement. His salsa received a score of 24/30, another first place performance. Wanya reminds me a lot of Alfonso Ribeiro, extremely likable and a great dancer! I can see him in the finale and even winning this competition.

This season of Dancing with the Stars will certainly be interesting. There are not that many weak competitors, actually most of the stars are doing very well. No one was surprised to see Geraldo Rivera go home first, and odds are Mischa Barton will be eliminated next. The final three isn't as easy to predict because things can change quickly and injuries could happen. But the strongest competitors at the moment are: Wanya Morris, Paige VanZant, Ginger Zee, Nyle DiMarco, and Jodie Sweetin.

But, if I had to pick three competitors to be in the finale, I'd say it would be between Nyle DiMarco, Paige VanZant, and Wanya Morris. And my pick for the winner? Wanya Morris! Even though I'm biased and I really want Nyle DiMarco to win, I still think Wanya is the clear front runner to win.

Who do you think will win this season of Dancing with the Stars? Who do you expect will be eliminated next? Final three ideas? Share below!


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