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Spoilers ahead, this content contain spoilers from the next episode of the flash.

Before i start , i want you to know that i am back again , i will start writing again as soon as the other shows come back from the break.

Trajectory is one of long waited episode that the fans wanted to see , here are 5 reasons why this episode will be epic.

1.trajectory the female speedster.

She is an evil speedster , she uses her power to rob people , and guess what ? She is faster than the flash , she also wants to get the V-9 from team flash.

2.barry in the pipeline.

I am wondering why did they put the flash aka barry allen in the pipeline , i think they want to prevent him from taking the V-9.'s vibing.

In the sneak Peak of the new episode cisco vibed , he touched jay's helmet , then he saw zoom , i think barry will know that jay/hunter zolomon is zoom.

4.barry wants to take V-9.

In the second sneak peak of the episode ,barry allen stole the v-9 , but before he can take it , harry talked to him , convincing him to leave the V-9 because it is dangerous and has consequences.

5.the last 5 minutes.

"I would not miss the last five-minutes," Aaron said , Aaron is outlining the impartance of the last 5 minutes , there are 3 scenes suggested : 1.barry travels back in time , 2.we will know who is the man in the iron mask 3.barry's another speech.

Enjoy the episode.


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