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As cliché as it sounds, the fight we have all been waiting for is finally going to happen. Batman and Superman are finally going to go at it in a live action, high budget movie. Even people who hate both characters and know nothing about comic books are excited. There has been a lot of speculation about who should win and who will win. Some people will say that Superman is too powerful to lose to a mortal. Other people will say that Batman wins because he already has over nine thousand plans to defeat Superman. So instead of guessing, let's break down some of the two combatants skills in some of the many things that go into this fight.

Power: Winner is Superman

No matter what kind of mechanical suit Batman puts together, he isn't going to be able to match Superman's strength, speed, and durability. Of course Batman is going to have some kryptonite in his suit in hopes to gain an advantage against a being so powerful he could break him with one punch.

At the very least, Batman could stall and try and form a plan, but he's only delaying the inevitable. At the end of the day, if Superman wanted Batman dead, Bruce would be in Heaven before he realized Superman killed him from space with his laser eyes. What he did to Batman in Injustice is a prime example of how Batman cannot match Superman physically. He broke Batman's back with ease and then held him down like it was nothing.

Intelligence Winner: Batman

Even Tony Stark is probably jealous.
Even Tony Stark is probably jealous.

Bruce has created most of his weaponry on his own, runs a billion dollar corporation without the help of advisers (that he has and probably doesn't listen to), and none of these things would not be possible if he didn't have almost Lex Luthor level smarts. If we want to take it a step further, Batman had the internet in his Batcave before the internet was even a thing. I'm certain someone somewhere owes DC Comics some residual money for creating the idea of the internet in Batman Comics.

Clark Kent is no slouch, but he is no Bruce Wayne. Master strategist, genius intellect, and all that jazz. Clark Kent is a bit above average. Sure, Clark can read every book in the world in a matter of seconds, but reading doesn't equal understanding. Bruce knows it and understands it.

Ruthlessness Winner: Batman

Superman will beat you down and stop when you give up. Batman will beat you down and when you say that you've enough, he will then break your arm to be absolutely certain you don't try anything funky while he takes you to prison. This is one of the reasons why Superman will never truly be the favorite going into a fight with Batman. Superman could have Batman on the ropes, and instead of taking the necessary next step in stopping him, he would pull his punch or hesitate. I'm not saying Superman should kill people, but the Superman in the Injustice comic knew that Batman was too dangerous to be left alone to plan his demise. So Superman broke Batman's back. Too bad this isn't the Injustice Superman.

It's not that Batman likes to abuse people (even though he might), it's just that sometimes people don't give him what he wants in a timely fashion. So he keeps on going until he gets what he wants. Superman can't really do that. It's like he said to Darkseid in the Justics League cartoon; Superman feels like he lives in a world made out of cardboard and he has to be careful that he doesn't break someone or something. Batman doesn't have that problem. So, Batman may not kill, but everything under that is fair game.

Government Support Winner: Slight Advantage For Superman

He even has an eagle.
He even has an eagle.

This one is tricky. Superman is easily the boy scout of the two, but the government doesn't trust Superman. Not only is he an alien with unlimited power, but when he had a chance to join them or align himself with them, he chose not to. Batman may be a human, but he is a vigilante that works with the police force. The U.S. Government probably hates that the Gotham Police Department takes a blind eye to Batman's method of taking down villains.

If the world governments could get rid of all superheroes and vigilantes they would. Well, they'd keep the ones that sign on and do whatever they said. But even then, they'd keep the super powered beings around and use them. Once the they used up their usefulness and are no longer needed, then the government get rid of them or experiment on them. There will be no help for either one of them at this point. Now, Superman has this need to be liked by the masses. It's conceivable that Superman would work for the U.S. Government just to avoid be labeled a criminal. Oh wait, he has actually worked with the U.S. Government.

Support System Advantage: Superman

Even Batman respects him.
Even Batman respects him.

Batman has the help of Commissioner Gordon, his wards (all the Robins that have come and gone), and various other people he may have trained or worked with. Superman has all of Metropolis and the Justice League. Superman is looked at like a god by his entire city and all over the world. While Batman works on fear, Superman works on hope. The public would rather have a hero who thrives on hope than one strives on fear. Because of this, Superman inspires people to be better and that gets him support from more people.

Even the people that support Batman can't stand him a lot of the time. Heck, his own son wants to punch him regularly. To top it all off, Batman thinks he can do it all on his own and that having someone with him only slows him down. So yeah, advantage to Superman who enjoys having people around him and always thanks his teammates and his admirers.

And The Winner is:

Are you shocked? Look, we all love Superman and we love saying "Batman wins because he's Batman", but Superman is just too powerful. It's a god fighting a mortal. Since Batman isn't Kratos, Batman loses.

I know a lot of you disagree, tell me why in the comments below.


Who do you think wins? Batman or Superman


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