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Like me many of you couldn't wait to see the second season of Daredevil. The first episode started out with the right tone for this season. The Hand makes a return this time more prominent than the last season. Which I was more than happy to see unfold as the show progressed. Another cool thing we get to hear Jessica Jones mentioned in this season. I won't spoil where or how it comes up. Also we get a guest appearance too. I wasn't sure of Jon Bernthal as The Punisher but he definitely did a good job. We get to see his noisy rise to the vigilante we all know and love. Just as Daredevil started without the iconic suit so does The Punisher and Elektra. This is the first time we see The Punisher brought to the screen and done right. Now with that being said Thomas Jane and Ray Stevenson did a great job portraying the character. Now Thomas Jane's Punisher was more like the Amazing Spider-man from the 90's cartoon and comics. He was serious but didn't hit the right notes for success. Ray Stevenson's Punisher was more like the Marvel Knights Punisher. He captured the character better than anybody . The only thing was the adding of comedic scenes that didn't mesh well with the tone they were going for. Plus the portrayal of Jigsaw was a joke which could've been done as good as Heath Ledger's Joker. That's my opinion in that matter. Now for Elodie Yung and her portrayal of Elektra which I totally loved. She carried her just right not to crazy and with a sense of privileged upbringing. We see this develop as the show goes along. They all have something they're fighting for What is that you ask well right now I will have to let you watch and see for yourself. Or checkout my review on You Tube.

Marvel has done a wonderful job with Netfilx and bringing us these shows. Let's hope we get more characters on film soon too. The special appearance from Wilson "The Kingpin" Fisk was a surprise but not really. You can't expect to not show or forget to mention what they went through last season. The things I loved was the camera angles they used and the visuals of our favorite characters striking an awesome pose. This year is definitely the year where hero's fight each other. If you don't believe me let's take a look shall we. This month we see Batman Vs Superman, then in May we see Captain America: Civil War, then of course we have The Punisher taking on Daredevil. Now this doesn't include Arrow, The Flash, or Supergirl I only watch The Flash. Sorry. Now to you comic book readers we now why these hero's go at it with each other while others ask why are they fight aren't they both good guys. To you guys out there yes they are but like you and I they have opinions and thoughts on how things should be done and handled. Plus perception of the other without all the facts. The tone for the show is definitely more gritty than the big screen Marvel movies. Which brings me to the rumors that they are looking for a person to play Daredevil on the big screen. Which means the shared universe they planned to have will change everything. Why not get Charlie Cox to play him he's done a wonderful job bringing the character to life. Plus why spend so much time and money on these projects and scrap the idea. Like I said rumors but I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.


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