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The lego franchise has been continuously rising and expanding. They have been going on to make even more lego sets, movies, and games based off of many franchises in hopes of great profit. Many suggestions have been made on the next lego game all people can do is hope. But today we will discuss what franchises lego could take a stab at.

When you think of Guardians of the Galaxy, you think of dancing, laughs, silly people, a lot of humor, etc... That makes the great franchise a great choice for a lego game. The things that can occur in the game can be unlike any other lego game. It may have space exploration and such, but it would be unique. Imagine being able to travel to planet-sized planets, roughly estimated. That would be great, in Lego Batman 3, you get to explore mini planets that were shrunk by Brainiac, it was a great experience exploring the planets, but exploring huge planets would just be awesome.

If the game also includes more than 100 characters, which it surely will, it will expand the game so much more, being able to play as star lord, gamer, THANOS, nova, iron man, etc... Would be great. If the characters actually have more suits, skills, and such it would be even greater.

If lego Guardians of the Galaxy is made that would make many fans dreams come true for many reasons like the exploration and characters. It really should get a chance at the games side of things! In lego Marvel The Avengers it has an teaser at the end of it that hints at guardians of the galaxy being the next lego game, lego games have teased upcoming games before, respectively. That really shows why Guardians of The Galaxy should and will become the next lego game.

lego Shay Cormac
lego Shay Cormac

The next possible future lego game is lego assassins creed. Now, don't judge me now. Lego Assassins Creed has been in high hopes for a while now, but since the games have been focused on mature ratings, lego can't make a game for the franchise. But, recently there were interviews where a more child-like approach of Assassins Creed was said to be in the works, which could mean a lego assassins creed game. What other way could Ubisoft make their hacking and slashing franchise kid-friendly? Lego games help make franchises kid-friendly or just make something lego, but in Ubisoft's case they would need it to make their franchise kid-friendly.

A lego Assassins Creed game would rock being able to travel through time and to free roam early America or Europe, etc... Would just rock! So a lego Assassins Creed game would have a good chance of being made too.

What game do you think could be made? Lego has taken many franchises into their wonderful world of laughter, and there are still many other franchises that are left for them to try out. So vote down below on what lego game can be next!



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