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Let me inform you on something that you may not already know. there is a topic out there called .Scooby doo and personally he means.A Lot to me he made me want to help people when he was canceled for awhile I cried. Because he has such a great impact on my life me and him are so similar we eat A lot and. Deeply without growing up with a father I looked for Another role model . I found a sense of guidance from .Scooby doo i've never wanted to express so much emotion but truly feel a strong connection between us . That's why I propose that scooby doo gets an award for making a difference in people he makes me think twice about what i'm. Doing every day because all scooby doo does is try to help people and problem solve like they tell us . To Due so you can really take a lot of things away from something that people think is so insignificant by seeing only a cartoon not the Possibilities. therefor with the unseen meaning behind it. one perspective that I have on this is how it can relate to all ages which means it can connect with. People differently which allows people to create different aspects. Of this topic I can agree that most see something that involves A talking dog but on another stance. He does have great knowledge and very resourceful when it comes to solving mysteries or eating Incredibly large club sandwich secondly he is very entertaining. like when he accidentally solves mysteries but in life there are no accidents things happen for a reason but also he does allow you to see that he makes. a large amount of goofy mistakes which allows you to see that we are not perfect and that it's ok to make a slip up. Every once in awhile how ever like when he gets a scooby snack another point if you want to have good thing happen to you then you've got to do good things in life like help people crack cases. And this is what I get out of this topic what about you ?? this is why scooby doo needs to be given award to be recognized for his achievements I feel incredibly strong about scooby doo so people need to see what I see let us guide you on the right path .So forth laughter is another great perspective on why scooby doo needs to get a award all scooby can do is create the spontaneous sound of laughter. therefore everyone needs to be aware of how great and an incredible influence furthermore this is why a award needs to be presented to the great scooby doo I want to make a difference because of scooby doo what about you ??? You can't just see what they want you to see you have to open your mind to Possibilities from now you can look at the

Incompetent Worthless show scooby doo and see the Possibilities give it A chance see it the way I do!!! scooby doo where are you over here!!!


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