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Love how the DC universe is more realistic and darker, havn't read one comic book ever in my life and just here for the movies.( Marvel movi
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So, before I start, Dear fanboys, I'm not trash talking!

The reviews for the BvS is out and the last time I checked it was 37% on the tomato-meter, 49 on metacritic and 6.8 on IGN. I gotta say I am really disappointed because after the so called standing ovation by WB executives and the very positive early reactions. I am a guy who listens to the critics when it comes to films because they gave a well deserved praise for certain films such as Dark knight trilogy, Winter soldier and days of future past.

But hear me out, there were occasions when I totally disagreed with them. The number one is MoS which for me was very enjoyable. I loved the action and the seriousness of the movie. It should have got a better rating than 55% on the tomatometer. I hated how critics disliked the movie without providing valid reasons. The destruction was reasonable because it made the film more realistic. The only two things that I disliked about this movie was, it didn't have enough COLOUR and there was zero humour. I know the Dark knight was dark as well but it got some comedic relief such as when Jim Gordon tells Harvey how often batman does the disappearing thingy after a brief conversation (just an example). But overall, the film deserved at least a 65%. Some of my friends hated it for being too dark but I respect their opinion.

The second time I disagreed with the critics was when AoU was released. For me, it was a huge let down from the first Avengers movie which I thought was amazing. It was too overstuffed and had no proper character development (but this was not mentioned in most reviews and apparantly MoS was criticised for the lack of character development LOL). Don't get me wrong, I know some people enjoyed this because even I loved seeing Avengers together in a film again. But the film overall was a disappointment. In the end it got a 74% in the tomatometer! WOW, just WOW.

I think the maximum rating it deserved was, 65%.

Now, don't think that I'm a DC fanboy. I really enjoyed Iron Man 1 & 2, Avengers Assemble, Winter soldier and Ant-man. Those were amazing marvel movies.

But after the first Avengers movie, Iron Man 3 came out and I was really hyped about it but ended up being a disappointment for me. I think Marvel learnt from their mistakes made in Thor 2 and Iron Man 3. The biggest mistake was choosing the wrong director. Then they gave Russo brothers to direct Winter Soldier which ended up being one of my favorite superhero films. It was action packed and had good critic reviews. Then came Guardians and ant-man which were great movies as well. They chose the write directors and perfect story lines for the movies. I heard they chose Ryan Coogler for Black Panther, who has done an amazing job with Creed. Also, they are giving Russo brothers the Infinity War films.

Now how does above Info relate to the topic of my article? Isn't it obvious? Choose the right DIRECTORS and SCREEN WRITERS with a good reputation for the DCEU!!!

Don't bother watching this, if you havn't
Don't bother watching this, if you havn't

Freaking Zack snyder, after directing Sucker Punch, you give that dude to direct the Justice League? dafaq???

I mean I enjoyed Man of Steel but it could have been better, the truth is that it was neither as inspiring as dark knight movies nor as fun as the Avengers. My point is I do want to see a Justice league movie but I want to see a good Justice league movie. It's not all about action and you need substance bro, SUBSTANCE.

Not only that, Who the hell is Patty Jenkins? I mean, not because she's a woman. You do not give the greatest female superhero of all time to a less experienced person like that, just because you want a woman to direct this film. I hope this film ends up being good or otherwise I will be done with DCEU.

The other bad decision by WB, Jason Fuchs. This guy has the worst reputation ever. First of all Pan which got panned and then Ice age Continental drift which almost ruined the franchise even though a sequel is coming up. He's not a good writer man, just admit it. He wrote the story for Wonder-woman and other than this film's director, this is my main concern. And the worst part is, it was recently announced that WB is eyeing him to write a script for Lobo. Again, just WOW.

Don't bother watching this, if you havn't
Don't bother watching this, if you havn't

I know many of you will be like, the films haven't come out and I can't judge on them yet but you know when a movie is going to be bad. For example, Transformers 4 (Age of extinction).

But they did made some good decisions at the same time though, like James Wan directing Aquaman. Now that guy has some reputation. Also George Miller (apparently rumoured) producing Justice league, I mean look what he did with the masterpiece Fury road.

SO dear WB, here is my point. Critic reviews do matter and I know many people who check out the ratings before watching a movie at the cinema. Choose the right directors, I know it's too late to sack Patty or Jason for WW but (this could be harsh but screw it), FIRE snyder please.

I want DC to become a good competition to Marvel but you can't get there with the wrong people in charge. There should be 50% of each style and substance in the films. We do not need crap similar to Michael Bay's films.

In my opinion, WB should think twice before start shooting Justice League in April. I am pretty sure when people see BvS for the first time, they will be amazed but when they think afterwards, it will not take too long for them to realise its flaws.

So Fanboys, snyder fans, AoU fans. Sorry for the facts pointed out, but deep in your hearts we all know what is good and what is bad. I know it's just really hard to get over it.


So Do you think Zack Snyder is the right choice?


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