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(alright this is going to contain spoilers so look away if you havent caught up with flash ( episode's 1-15 ) unless you want it spoiled for you)

so far this series we've seen other speedster's, a half shark/half man, a human mad of tar, brother's that control the weather and much more but there is one thing we haven't seen yet..... a female speedster.

tonight we finally get one and her name is trajectory. As cool as this is gonna be there are questions that still need to be answered, and now im going to ask them


how on earth is Barry going to beat trajectory ?

It's been stated in the promo that " when we first see trajectory she will be much faster then the flash". So how will he beat her? become faster? or find a way slow her down. Either way we will have to find out.

what the hell is happening with zoom?

In the last episode we saw zoom reveal his face and nothing more then that. so are we going to find out what his name is? and what's his next move?

will we see him head off to super girl's earth?

In just 1 week we will see barry and kara team up on her earth, but how will he get there? becoming faster? using tachyons? we will have to find out....

The Flash is back tonight with the episode "trajectory"


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