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It seems as though Batman v Superman headlines have been a daily ongoing, online discussion since the announcement of the movie almost three years ago. A bit of news drops here, hot leads are revealed there, and a slew of rumors and speculation are littered throughout pretty much every nook and cranny of the internet. With each new piece of information, fan boys from both camps battle in comment sections and chat rooms across the web to argue the perception of the upcoming DCEU.

While the various threads of discussion and ensuing debates are far from over, the wait for the highly anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has nearly ended. With the dust clearing, and the light at the end of the long tunnel so closely within the grasp of moviegoers, reviews and first impressions have begun to emerge online.

Interestingly enough, first word, only a few short days ago, was overwhelmingly positive. Twitter and Facebook were covered top to bottom with positive first impressions stating some of the following: Wonder Woman steals the show, Ben Affleck is the definitive Batman, standing ovations at fan screenings, etc. Fan's highest hopes and expectations were met and justified, but then, the critical reviews started to roll in.

As adamant as early fans were about loving the highly anticipated comic book film, many critics found themselves equally, but conversely displeased. From complaints regarding the film's tone to the overuse of CGI, critics found more than a few things to knock about the latest Zack Snyder directed effort. This should come as no true surprise however, as the majority of Snyder's films have been polarizing thus far. While the majority of fans hoped that BvS would buck the trend, it appears as though there is something about the filmmakers style that just does not sit right with a significant number of moviegoing audiences.

Having not seen the film yet myself (like most of you reading this article), but having heard and spoken to some who have, enough contrasting information has crossed my path has caused me to grow even more interested in viewing this movie. It is true that film is subjective, but the question of how I can be hearing so many starkly contrasting remarks has got me thinking. Are some people predisposed to either like or dislike this film? Does one domino in the world of critical film reviews effect another? Maybe, but perhaps the answer is not that simple. The only way to truly come up with a definitive answer is to see the film and come up with an individual perspective, and with the film dropping this Friday, March 25th, we are only days away from being able to do just that.


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