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Who is Zoom in The Flash? Possible Spoilers!

I have been looking over things alot and I realized from the most previous episode of the flash Trajectory, that Zoom cannot be Jay Garrick for one reason, Jay Garrick is the Golden Age Flash he cannot be Zoom at all, and remember that Jay Garricks "doppel-ganger" is Hunter Zoloman? First of all, different names, second of all, different DNA and that is for one reason, Hunter Zoloman is NOT Jay Garricks "doppel-ganger" I know, I know that in one of The Flash episodes Jay Garrick said that he didn't have the same DNA as Hunter Zoloman but why not the same name!?!? Barry Allen and Barry Allen have the same name! Caitlin Snow had the same name with Killer Frost (Earth-2 Caitlin Snow didn't like the name.) Now why won't Jay Garrick and Hunter Zolomon have the same name? The answer is simple, they are not "doppel-gangers."

Who is Hunter Zolomon?

Hunter Zolomon has to be Zoom. Jay Garrick cannot be Zoom because Jay Garrick IS and will always be, The Golden Age Flash. I have some evidence to back me up on this about Hunter Zolomon being Zoom from DC Wiki thingy's and Wikipedia you can search up Hunter Zolomon and it shows so much things about how he became Zoom. That is really all I can say on who Hunter Zolomon is but I have one more small section.

Then who is Jay Garrick???

Jay Garrick in my opinion is the guy behind the mask. I mean, why the hell would Zoom have some random guy sitting around in his lair that has NO use for him whatsoever, he either has speedsters that he can take the power of or someone to use to get more power. When the guy behind the mask was doing the 5 by 5 thing to communicate he put in JAY and Barry asked him if he ment Jay Garrick and the guy behind the mask nodded. I know only 2 reasons why the guy behind the mask would be saying that #1, he was saying who Zoom was and from my first theory Zoom is Hunter Zolomon so Zoom can't be Jay Garrick and #2 the guy behind the mask might of been saying who he was and in this case would mean Jay Garrick, this supports the reason why Zoom would have a speedster in his lair. This is all I have and I hoped you enjoyed reading my first article.

I take no credit for any of the characters or episodes in The Flash.


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