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Vitmor Steinfeld

Jessica Alba has since she started her career been considered gorgeous. And for many years she was one of the sexiest women alive. For many she still is. I admit that she is gorgeous and who says otherwise doesn't know what beauty is.

She models, she acts, she dances. She even made one of the best and sexiest dance scenes in Hollywood:

Sin City in 2005.

In this movie's sequel she did it once again, proving that even 9 years later she still had it:

And it's because you know how sexy she still is, that you will be surprised to see that she has many strech marks in her breasts, probably due to her to children. Don't believe me?

Cant see it yet? That's because it is hard to see.

This woman is considered one of the most beautiful people in the world and she doesn't mind showing these marks. She's proud of them. So. . . Why are you afraid of showing yours? That's all I'm saying.


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