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Wii U may have some big game releases coming soon - like the new Legend Of Zelda game, but will the console even be available to buy when they release? Earlier today Nikkei Magazine reported that Nintendo will cease production of the Wii U console by the end of year. It's already the end of March,so that leaves us with a very short window of time before the demise of the Wii U. What is Nintendo planning to do? Why are they ending the Wii U so early?

Well according to Nintendo, they aren't; A spokesman for the company told Japanese site IT Media, "This isn't an announcement from our company." He also added that "from the next quarter and thereafter as well, production is scheduled to continue."

Nintendo's Kyoto HQ
Nintendo's Kyoto HQ

Nintendo has already stated they will unveil their new console -tentatively titled Nintendo NX- to the public by the end of this year. However, there is no release date as - of yet. If Nintendo end the production of the Wii U early, does that mean a quicker start for their new console? I would be okay with Wii U leaving if I got a new console.

It could also mean backwards compatibility if the Wii U were to end sooner rather than later. It's Nintendo, it's highly likely that the games would also be able to be played on the new console.

The NX

The last report on the new console was a picture rumored to be the system's controller. The whole front panel of the controller is a screen, which shows your gameplay in real time. Sounds pretty cool huh?

Well you may think so but, many fans think it will cause problems while gaming, hence that your hands usually cover most - or even all of the front controller. Either way they make the controller or console, you can bet I'm going to buy it.

What do you reckon?

Do you think Nintendo is telling the truth or are they actually ending the Wii U's time? How would you guys feel about that?

Also what Wii U games would you want for backwards compatibility if it's available on the new console?

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