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The early 2000s was the peak of coming-of-age films critics hated, but we absolutely loved. And even before 2011 happened, we were all down for an Amanda Bynes movie.

One of Bynes's films turns thirteen this year- it's basically old enough to have a coming-of-age movie itself! The film in question is, of course, the 2003 comedy/drama What A Girl Wants.

Need a reminder of how cute this movie is? Watch the trailer below:

And if you haven't seen the movie, shame on you! Here are facts you may not know about What A Girl Wants.

1. The Reluctant Debutante

The initially reluctant 17 year-old Daphe was actually based on the 1955 play The Reluctant Debutante by William Douglas-Home. Their similarities include fear of 'scandals' caused in the family, and the neurotic mothers: Sheila Broadbent (in the play) and Glynnis Payne (movie).

2. Director Dennie Gordon Also Directed Our Favorite Twins

If you're a 2000s kid, New York Minute is probably another one of your favorite movies. The film was released a year after What A Girl Wants. Gordon has also directed some episodes of Hellcats, Dawson's Creek, and True Jackson, VP.

3. Real Singing Voices

Kelly Preston played Daphne's musical mother Libby, while Oliver James played Daphne's love interest.

Both actors did all of their singing!

4. Little Amanda Bynes

We get to see an actual photo of little Amanda Bynes during the scene where Lord Henry Dashwood (Firth) is looking through a photo album.

5. Invisible Braces

It took three weeks to put braces on Amanda Bynes for a short scene for Daphne's 15th birthday. The brace was barely noticeable so make sure to look out for that one!

6. The Movie Was Filmed in 11 Different Locations

Aside from London, they also filmed in NYC and Morocco. The location where Henry withdrew his candidacy was filmed in the Old Royal Naval College where Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Les Misérables, and Cinderella (amongst others) were also filmed.

7. The movie was released a day after her birthday in 2003

Give or take a year, that makes Amanda and her character Daphne the same age!

8. Oliver And His Character Are Both Musicians

Though Oliver is a musician in real life, he didn't have much experience with a guitar before playing one in the movie. He was a drummer.

9. Poster Problems

There are two variations of the same poster. The original was Amanda holding a peace sign. It was changed because during this time, America was at war with Iraq and according to IMDB, Warner Bros. didn't want anyone to think that the artwork was a war protest.

So now that you know most of the facts you probably didn't know before... Go grab yourself some Cocoa Pops or gravel (bran) and enjoy this perfectly clichéd movie that had us all swooning in 2003!


Was 'What A Girl Wants' your favorite movie?


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