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Any time you have a horny alcoholic millionaire with all the gadgets has, you're going to witness a good time. Unfortunately, the comic book writers through the years sometimes have TOO good of a time, and get downright awkward as fudge.

Here are a few times you might or might not remember, depending out old you are or how well you know The Google.

1. Iron Man's Suit Falls In Love WIth Iron Man

And dies for him.

What? Okay, well...

I got nothin'. I guess you gotta be careful when it comes to messing with artificial intelligence.

2. Iron Man & His Iron fist

OH COME ON NOW. Don't be that way Iron Man. That could hurt people!

3. Iron Man & Mr. Doll? Come on now...

A villain who uses some fairly odd-shaped mystic voodoo looking dolls to incapacitate Iron Man? Let's hope they keep him out of .

4. Iron Man's Suit Powering Roller Skates...?

Back in the day, Iron Man had some trouble keeping his suit charged. Extension cords have helped him recharge, and so have roller skates. It's good that they did that, because the fact that he can fly really kind of made them pointless otherwise...

5. Speaking Of Iron Man's Power Cord-

Here it is. Because I know you all wanted to see it for yourself. used to charge himself like a frickin' iPhone!

What weird moments did I miss? Let me know in the comments!

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