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It seems that among all the big time dude superheroes; Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, etc., they all have some pretty awkward moments throughout their comics history. Most of them are unintentionally sexual in nature, at least I hope it's unintentional. It doesn't seem any superhero is immune, either...even the lovely .

With the coming to a theater near us soon (but not soon enough), it's time we explore her WTF comic moments. Think about the women were treated back in the golden age of comics...looking at it now, things got pretty insane when it came to women .

I don't think Wonder Woman ever got tied up with her own lasso of truth, but you never know...

1. Don't Ever Speak To Wonder Woman Like This

Well, at least he gave props to Wonder Woman, before she beat the snot out of him.

2. Wonder Woman Gets A Job At Taco Bell

At least they didn't throw in any flippin' taco jokes.

3. Wonder Woman Is No Man's Secretary

Secretary? Wonder Woman? Seriously? Why didn't they just draw her in a kitchen and REALLY piss everyone off? Hopefully the doesn't pull this stunt.

4. Wonder Woman Gets Undone By Her Own Vanity? Whaaa?

Well, at least she didn't smudge her lipstick. This one is pretty damn weird!

5. Bondage Was Wonder Woman's True Kryptonite

So all a guy has to do is weld a chain between her bracelets of submission, and she's powerless? I bet "poor Steve"...ten bucks says he's used that on her a few times.

What weird moments did I miss? Let me know in the comments!

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