ByMalcolm Hohler, writer at

it's no secret that comic book movies have taken the film industry by storm. A big reason these movies are doing so well with box offices and critics alike is because of the fierce competition between Marvel, and DC. Both respective brands have their strong suits. DC has been cornering the the market on animated movies and video games for many years, while marvel owned the market for live action movies since the first iron man thanks to Mr. RDJ

Ever since Disney bought out Marvel, the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) they has become the highest grossing film franchise in history. This is due in part to the massive appeal to children and adults alike. Even heros unknown to those who are not hardcore comic book fans can have exceptional success in the box office, guardians of the galaxy for example. Marvel plays the high risk high reward game and it pays off very well. Where as DC sticks with the core of what they know the people want and perfect it. Honestly, who doesn't love Batman? The Dark knight is the fourth highest rated movie on IMDB and voted by many to be one of the best movies (not just comic movies) of all time. With plans for both franchises stretching out to 2030, it's hard to tell who will come out on top by then.

If the hype and pre ticket sales for Batman v Superman is an indication of its future success, Marvel execs may begin to tremble ever so slightly in their high and mighty boots. Batman, is undoubtedly the most popular superhero of all time, with that in mind, and the comic movies being what they are in this age there is no way it can fail. Or can it?


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