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“As you know, madness is like gravity...all it takes is a little push.” ― The Joker - Heath Ledger
Aiko Abercromby

If you haven't seen a picture or at least heard about Zootopia through out this month, I don't think your living on earth - heck! even the aliens are hyped up about this film. It's been raking in fans since the first trailer popped up on YouTube and it's still making a big impacted on the world. When a film like this comes along you can be sure fan art and cosplays were on there way. Since Zootopia opened in theater on March 4th, even more awesome fan creations have been pouring in and these cosplays are the cutest ones I've seen yet! Scroll down and see Judy and Nick come to life. Cosplays are done by Seeu, Xiaoxiaobai and Snake

SeeU as Judy Hopps

Xiao Xiao Bai as Nick Wilde

Judy and Nick

EXTRA: Snake as Flash

Hope you guys liked looking at the cosplays, which one was your favorite one? Mine is Flash, like who doesn't love just taking it real, real, REAL, slow. Thanks for clicking this article and follow for more!


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