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It is the confirmation news that many of you may not have wanted to hear. Call of Duty: Ghosts 2 will indeed be the next Call of Duty game coming out of Infinity Ward according to a trusted industry source.

First game details revealed. Nothing too specific or too spoilerific but what we have below is pretty darn revealing.

After months of speculation and deliberation, Fraghero is now able to confidently report that the next Call of Duty, due out this November, will be Call of Duty: Ghosts 2.

Yup, Infinity Ward’s next “most ambitious” shooter will be a rehash of what many consider to be the worst Call of Duty in the series – Ghosts.

So, what are they going to do differently?

The first thing to note is the fidelity. According to the source, the next Ghosts will go through a “tremendous” visual overhaul – it is going to look “a lot better”. Hopefully not so darn grey this time.

Details on game specifics relating to such elements as the campaign and multiplayer modes are still unknown but we can confirm today that the story will pick up directly from the original Ghosts game. Ghosts 2 will be a direct sequel that plans to take that relatively unpopular campaign forward 20 years.

Here boy!

Riley will make a welcome return. Everybody's favourite canine companion (excluding Dogmeat) will make a welcome return in the second Ghosts game. A great move considering that Riley was probably the game’s saving grace in many respects. Riley will return as a playable character.

Official reveal

Due to the leak earlier this year by Games TM and the continued speculation from the media, Activision have apparently decided to push forward their announcement to some time before E3. Do not despair; this announcement will not include any game specifics. E3 will still be used as a platform to unveil the next era of Call of Duty gameplay.

Sources state that the game will release only on current gen consoles Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Ghosts 2 will not support Xbox 360 or PS3 gameplay. This means that the game should be a whole lot bigger.

More to come on this story as we draw ever closer to Activision's big reveal next month.

Ghosts 2 was generally considered as one of the series’ worst editions. Sure, it had its flaws but it did have a fair few positives. Being super brief - I particularly liked the slower pace of Ghosts – this was not necessarily that noticeable to the casual player but to the regulars, this was probably the first noticeable gameplay tweak. I liked the dog. I also liked the atmosphere in Ghosts it was depressing and rather soulless – much like a real war zone.

On the other hand, I didn’t much care for the scorestreaks, or multiplayer modes neither did I enjoy almost every map being a washed out grey colour. The sequel has every opportunity to be a whole lot better than the original. Infinity Ward are able to listen to feedback and act on it.

Still, if they were planning on a remake or campaign continuation – why, oh why, not choose the Modern Warfare series!?

Excited for more Ghosts? What do you want from the next Call of Duty game?

Source: Fraghero


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