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Happy Easter everyone! I hope you'll all be enjoying that well-deserved long weekend and are excited to FINALLY see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. What a month it has been, first the Civil War trailer, followed by Daredevil Season 2, and now Supes and Batman are back too. It's been another great week at Thank you to all the Creators for their interesting articles, fantastic fan art and for their overall awesomeness. You truly put the Creators in Without further ado, here are this week's Top 10 posts from new Creators.

A Fan's Vision Of The DC Cinematic Universe [Phase 1] BY Mark Schouley

"The DC Universe is filled with great characters and storylines, and them being showcased on the big screen, with them feeling comic book-y, while still fit for the cinemas." Well said, Mark Schouley. We love a good fan cast, and that is exactly what Mark has given us. Check out his post to discover his vision for the DCEU. From directors to writers, and from the storylines to some of our favorite DC characters, Mark has covered everything. What do YOU think about his choices?

How Velocity 9 Created Zoom BY Eric Nguyen

If you watch The CW's The Flash on a weekly basis then the chances are that you have been trying to figure out how in the world HE could possibly be Zoom. New Creator Eric Nguyen has got a solid fan theory for you. Now, any fan theory is just a theory without confirmation but I think Eric might definitely be onto something here. As the title of the article already suggest, this theory revolves around the Velocity drug. If you aren't up to speed with The Flash just yet (pun intended) then I'd encourage you to stay away from this one, but if you are, then I'd encourage you to check out Eric's theory. Be sure to let him know what YOU think.

NarizAMAVIZCA's-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-Tribute! BY Hector Amavizca

Cowabunga! I am certain the Teenage Ninja Mutant Ninja Turtles would appreciate these fantastic pieces by Creator Hector Amavizca. It ain't pizza but it sure is a great tribute to one of my all-time favorite childhood franchises. Hector, you have done an awesome job portraying Donnie, Leo, Mikey and Raph, and your style is badass. If you're ready to take a trip down memory lane and to get all nostalgic, then be sure to check out Hector's post. Oh, and don't forget to show this new Creator and his creations some well-deserved love.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Real Estate BY Neel Bhatt

"We all know that Batman aka Bruce Wayne is filthy rich, the same cannot be said of his soon-to-be Justice League team mate Superman. Living on a journalists wage it will take him years to amass enough to buy his own place." That said, money is not everything, and it also doesn't necessarily reflect how good of a superhero they are. Neel Bhatt takes us through research recently done by Settled, which compares each hero's assets. Who knew Superman had an alien zoo? Be sure to check out his post, I can promise you it is an interesting one.

Cast of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Then And Now BY Марко Шкрбић

Both Batman and Superman could kill a regular human being in a heartbeat, but that's not really their thing (or is it?!). They'd rather use their skills and superpowers to chase down villains. They might look tough and all badass but guess what, even Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent were once cute, little children like us regular folks. New Creator Марко Шкрбић is here to show us just how cute Ben, Henry and Gal were before they chose a strenuous life of crimefighting and saving lives. Prepare yourselves for a cuteness overload.

One-Year Anniversary: A Serum Retrospective BY Calum Sanderson

It has almost been a year since new Creator Calum Sanderson released his project Serum: Liquid of the Living Dead and he is here to reflect on it with us. "The film began as a class assignment in 2012, meant to encourage the entire class to work on a project", but Calum soon realized that some weren't as driven and excited about it as he was. It wasn't easy but he didn't give up, which eventually resulted in something he can be proud of. If you're an aspiring film maker or simply someone with a dream then I'd encourage you to check out Calum's article. His hard work payed off.

Marvel Heroes BY TheShannii

Here at we LOVE awesome fan creations, especially when those creations are inspired by a solid superhero flick featuring some of our favorite heroes. "What better way to celebrate these heroes [than] through personalized illustration." New Creator TheShannii has created a series of all our favorite Marvel heroes in one specific style to bring them together as one. My favorite piece from this series has to be Aquaman. How about YOU? Be sure to check out her article and to let her know in the comments.

Rachael Rumancek's Top 5 Favorite Final Girls BY Rachael Rumancek

"I know they say ladies first, but I prefer to save the best for last." Any fan of the horror genre will love a good final girl. They are often the ones who tell the story and are always lucky enough to confront the killer. New Creator Rachael Rumancek has compiled a list of some of the best final girls to have graced our screens. Rest assured, Halloween's Laurie Strode has OF COURSE been included. To check out which other 4 badass females made the list I'd like to direct you to Rachael's article. Don't forget to share YOUR favorites!

What Could Be The Next Marvel/Fox Solo Movie? BY User3831742

"Throughout the years many movies have come up, many solo and many team-up. But there are some movies that have not been made, especially solo ones that must be made." If someone were to ask me who I think deserves his or her own solo project I'd immediately say: Quicksilver, and luckily I am not the only one because this new Creator seems to agree with me. "Getting to see Pietro discover himself and discover his limits [would be] really be interesting to see", don't you think? Be sure to check out this post and to weigh in on the matter in the comments.

World's Coolest Symbiote BY Emmanuel Julian Madail Monzon

I think we can all agree on the fact that Venom is quite the badass villain. Creator Emmanuel Julian Madail Monzon sure thinks so, which is why he is compelled to draw the Spider-Man villain at least once a year. He says "It's always fun to see just how many teeth is too much teeth (usually, the more the better) and how many tendrils can be added to the character". Be sure to check out his fantastic piece and his equally as fascinating step-by-step. It's always great to learn more about the idea behind, and the amount of work that goes into creating a piece of art.

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