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Karly Rayner

The TransWorld Halloween & Attractions Show has been haunting St. Louis this weekend, and if you ever wonder where the haunted house industry conjures up it's blood-drenched glad rags, this is where fairground nightmares are made!

So, roll up, roll up and let's feast our eyes on some of the seriously unsettling offerings that help to make our childhoods suitably fraught with fear. Hurrah!

Creepin' Krampus

Such A Skulled Seductress!

Give Fear A Chance

Gives 'Muscle Mary' A Whole New Meaning...

Please Don't Hurry Down My Chimney Tonight

Just Casually Giving Head, Nothing To See Here...

Four Eyes

They See Me Rollin'

Haunting Hunk

Which Witch?

Black Widow

Papa Roach

Someone Got Headhunted

He Ain't Clowing Around

Not Disney's Frozen

Your Team

Which haunted house prop would you hide in your siblings closet?

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