ByMalcolm Hohler, writer at

As many of you may know, Deadpool was a phenomenal success across the board. Not surprisingly though, there were many who were up in arms about the "R" rating. The anger mainly came from parents who wouldn't take their kids to any movie that wasn't rated PG13 or less. What this proves is that without a shadow of a doubt, comics are not just for kids, and never really have been!

While this wasn't the first R rated comic book movie ever, it's success hinged on the fact that these movies have been leading box offices across the world for many years. The appeal of these movies range from witty comedy in Avengers, to the ones that make us gasp in feaful excitement like in The Dark Knight trilogy.

Deadpool on the other hand, is unlike any other comic book character in world. So naturally the movie had to be too, because that is... Deadpool. However, his incredible success may cause others that try to copy it, and fail miserably.

A select few rightfully should have an R rating to stay true the character(s), but others should stay in the realm of PG-13. Deadpool, the Punisher, Carnage, characters like these, the ones whose target audience is adults should be, but anything else would be pushing it too far. Batman on the other hand "could" easily go either way, as a huge bat-fan I would love it. The fact remains that Bats is a kid favorite nation and world wide so on the big screen it may tarnish the name and we don't want that.

All we can hope for is that the studio's don't get slap happy riding deadpool tail and make everything rated R for the chance at a bigger profit. That said, be open minded about whatever lies ahead from all comic movies. There is no reason not to give them all at least one chance.


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