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Varia Fedko-Blake

If you haven't been aware of the fact that actor Scott Eastwood is an ultimate babe, you've clearly been living on a different planet.

If this is the case though, don't fret — you're forgiven. But just to speed you up to date, turn on the air-con and witness the fitness in this sensational compilation of the heartthrob's hottest moments in recent years:

1. Just look at that Adonis-like bod

2. Don't mind him, he's just surfing!

3. What more could anyone want?

4. That time he gave us all the 'Wildest Dreams' with Taylor Swift

5. Seriously, just look at this fine human specimen

6. And how could we forget that time he appeared on the cover of Men's Fitness?

7. Hello, babe alert!

8. I'm over-heating, please send help

What your favorite Scott Eastwood moment?


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