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Our first love often lingers on in our minds forever. Who can forget the magical feeling of butterflies flooding your entire being when your cell phone bleeps with words along the lines of "I really like you...In that sort of way" or having that first kiss with someone you feel a deep connection with?


It seems that Justin Bieber is one of those people who is hung up on his first real romance with none other than the adorable Selena Gomez. He is burning up inside with the immature mistakes he made in the past and he isn't shy about letting the world know.

Below are all of the throwback snaps that Bieber has shared of Selena since they broke up, and since Gomez herself proclaimed one as "perfect," maybe Jelena could ride again in the near future.

Smooching In Paradise

This sweet throw back snap received a comment from none other than Selena Gomez herself revealing she might be feeling the same way. Read more about it HERE.

Strutting in Style

And just three months before Bieber shared this snap of him proudly strolling all hand-in-hand with his boo.

Riding Dirty

Justin also shared this candid snap of him riding a quad bike with Selena.

The Last Snaps

Flower Fairy

The last ever snap from when Selena and Justin were still an item is this adorable pic of Gomez smelling the flowers with her flowing locks.

Birthday Babes

Along with this cute pic of the pair wishing Ryan Butler a happy birthday.

Would you like to see Jelena get back together?


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