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Can you believe it has been an entire decade since Zac Efron elegantly danced his way into the hearts and minds of a generation as Troy in High School Musical?

Efron, now 28-years-old, has since had a string of hit movies in the years following. Even though we'll always know and love him in his basketball-throwing shape and form, he's grown from teen idol to mature actor with effortless brilliance.

His next big project will involve strutting his stuff alongside Dwanye Johnson and Alexandra Daddario in the remake of Baywatch. But what about all those unforgettable films in between?

To celebrate the decade of Efron, let's take a look at some particular highlights:

1. 'Firefly' (2002)

(Source: 20th Century Fox)
(Source: 20th Century Fox)

Age: 15

This was Efron's first TV appearance, with a guest role on the show. Doesn't he look young! Bless him.

2. 'The Big Wide World of Carl Laemke' (2003)

(Source: 20th Century Fox)
(Source: 20th Century Fox)

Age: 16

His role of Pete was his first feature length appearance in this TV movie, written by Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk.

3. 'High School Musical' (2006)

Age: 18

The role that catapulted Zac to stardom came in the Disney classic about lots of high school students with a penchant for spontaneously singing and dancing.

4. 'Me And Orson Welles' (2008)

(Source: Warner Bros.)
(Source: Warner Bros.)

Age: 20

Following his High School Musical fame, Efron landed a serious leading role in this independent movie that was well received critically.

5. '17 Again' (2009)

(Source: Offspring Entertainment)
(Source: Offspring Entertainment)

Age: 17 again (21)

Following on from a serious role, Efron turned to comedy, sharing the screen with Friends funnyman Matthew Perry, in a story about a 37-year-old who becomes 18 again. Wait. Was it 18? 16? Ah, yeah. 17 again.

6. 'The Lucky One' (2012)

(Source: Warner Bros.)
(Source: Warner Bros.)

Age: 24

Good-looking lead actor? Check. Adored by legions of fans? Check. Next up: the compulsory Rom-Com where Efron starred in the leading role as a U.S Marine looking for love.

7. 'Neighbors' (2014)

Age: 26

Another comedy for Zac, this time starring opposite Seth Rogen, playing an unravelling and uncontrollable frat boy.

8. 'Dirty Grandpa' (2016)

Age: 28

Yet another comedy escapade by the former High School heartthrob, this time teaming up with Hollywood acting legend Robert De Niro.

9. 'Baywatch' (2017)

Age: Will be 29

The 90s cult classic is in capable hands with Efron, Johnson and Daddario. Set for release next year, Zac has previously spoken of his intense physical training regime for his role in the beach saga.

What is your favorite Zac Efron performance?



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