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When Reddit opened it doors and invited the internet to scream their grievances about diva celebs into the void there was an unexpected heartwarming positive side to the potentially scandalous thread.

Although a lot of people were more than happy to air their grievances, some fans were eager to let others know that not all stars are rude, shouty, ignorant assholes and spread a little love for the good apples of Hollywood.

Below are some of the sweet stories of starry-eyed interactions that I have mined from the mire to prove that every cloud has a silver celeb lining.

Angelina Jolie

Although Catherine Zeta Jones had clearly had a rough day in savageyouth's story, Angelina Jolie's humility more than made up for it.

Christopher Walken


Sure this story has negative undertones, but Walken knows how to award respectable behaviour from fans and I Appreciate that!

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston

Both Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston made some time in their busy schedules to chat to some high school aged fans.

Martin Lawrence

I wasn't going to include this because it is so negative toward Will Smith who was clearly having a terrible day on set, but the tale of Martin Lawrence going above and beyond to make his teenage fan's day was too sweet to leave out!


Cher's Twitter is one of the most magical places on the internet so it comes as no surprise to me that she is just as open and kind to her fans in real life as she is in the virtual world.

Hugh Grant

As someone who is perpetually playing characters who are a bit confused, Hugh Grant clearly sympathised with this lost tourist!

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow has bad rep for being snobby thanks to her elite lifestyle brand, but maybe the public are being too judgemental to the clean-living star.

Jason Mewes

Of course Jay is a good chap!

Nicole Kidman

Can someone invite Nicole to my next birthday?!

Billy Bob Thronton, Mark Ruffalo and Vincent D'Onofrio

Never change, Mark, never change.

Keanu Reeves

No surprises here.

Seth Rogan

Have you ever met a celeb? What were they like?

(Source: Reddit)


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