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Can you believe it's been 10 years since Hannah Montana premiered on the Disney Channel?! Wow, that makes me feel old. I think we can all agree that things have taken a rather different direction for Miley Cyrus since her departure from Disney...

But how are the rest of the cast getting on? Read on to find out.

1. Miley Cyrus — Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana

Okay, so most of us know what Miley's been up to. Since the show ended in 2011, she's basically done everything in her power to make sure she remains in the public eye. Telling her fans to do drugs, twerking against a married man's crotch, swinging naked on a giant steel ball — you name the attention-seeking activity, Miley's done it. Oh, she's been in three movies and released two albums as well.

2. Emily Osment — Lilly Truscott

Emily has dabbled in music but is now focusing on acting. She is currently starring as Gabi Diamond in ABC's Young & Hungry, Jodi in Mom on NBC and in upcoming film, Love Is All You Need?

3. Jason Earles — Jackson Stewart

Jason caused a bit of a stir when fans of Hannah Montana discovered that the actor playing Miley's 16-year-old brother was actually a married man pushing 30. He went on to star in a Disney XD series Kickin' It until it finished last year. After splitting from his first wife in 2013, he is now engaged to his current girlfriend.

4. Billy Ray Cyrus — Robby Ray Stewart

Billy Ray has been pretty vocal about the fact he wished Hannah Montana had never happened, telling journalists "the damn show destroyed my family". He hasn't done anything particularly notable since — cameoed in a few budget movies, released a couple of compilation albums and watched Miley through half-covered eyes probably.

5. Mitchel Musso — Oliver Oken

Mitchell has also released a bit of music but has mainly continued to pursue his acting career with leading roles in Disney XD's Pair of Kings and a few independent films. His own Disney series PrankStars was cancelled when he was arrested for drunken driving.

6. Moises Arias — Rico Suave

Moises has been pretty busy since his role as Rico, most notably starring in the 2013 Sundance film The Kings Of Summer and voiced Antonio in Despicable Me 2. He's also set to appear in upcoming chariot epic, Ben-Hur and is pretty good pals with Willow Smith.

7. Anna Maria Perez de Tagle — Ashley Dewitt

Anna has been keeping a relatively low profile where acting is concerned, but she is now running her own YouTube channel, Anna's Beauty Secrets, which she updates fairly frequently.

8. Shanica Knowles — Amber Addison

Shanica hasn't really done anything worth talking about since her Disney days — but she is Beyoncé's cousin and you can buy autographed photos from her snazzy little website here.

9. Cody Linley — Jake Ryan

Cody went through a pretty tough time in 2011 after his older brother died of a heroin overdose. Since releasing his debut album the following year, he has had a few small acting roles but nothing major. He is currently filming TV movie Sharknado 4 and you can also get yourself an autograph from his website here.

10. Dolly Parton — Aunt Dolly

Miley Cyrus' real-life godmother and country legend, Dolly Parton has continued to tour and release new music. Most recently, she wrote and narrated a biographical TV movie Coat of Many Colors which aired on NBC in December last year.

The last 10 years may not have been such an easy ride for all of the show's stars, but remember...

Which 'Hannah Montana' character do you miss the most?


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