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One of the laws of the universe is, eventually, given enough time, any relatively successful film will be remade. Considering it's been been a quarter of a century since Jacob's Ladder messed with our minds, we're about due a reboot, right?

Right. Well now we've got one. Michael Ealy will be stepping into Tim Robbins shoes as Jacob "Professor" Singer, while David M. Rosenthal is signed on to direct. The pair have previously worked together on The Perfect Guy.

Michael Ealy in The Perfect Guy (Source: Screen Gems)
Michael Ealy in The Perfect Guy (Source: Screen Gems)

According to Deadline, LD Entertainment's remake will be a "paranoid action thriller" focusing on two brothers, that'll reimagine the 1990 cult classic.

A Story Of Paranoia And Hallucinations

The original story depicts the fragile and unhinged story of Jacob, a war veteran who returns home, only to suffer from hallucinations and flashbacks that plague his life.

Appreciated for its twisted and disorientating dream sequences, a remake of sorts has already lost the element of surprise the original had, so it'll be interesting to see the direction Rosenthal takes.

There has been no news on a release date as of yet, but it has been confirmed principle photography will take place from May this year.

Tim Robbins in the 1990 original (Source: TriStar)
Tim Robbins in the 1990 original (Source: TriStar)

Should 'Jacob's Ladder' be remade?

Source: Deadline


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