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In 1992 Jeffrey Dahmer a.k.a the Milwaukee Cannibal was convicted of raping, killing, dismembering and eating 17 men and boys - most of them black. He was dealt 15 life sentences (later 16) for his crimes and beaten to death while in prison.

Despite being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, schizotypal personality disorder and a psychotic disorder, at the time of his trial he was found to be legally sane. This, I think you'll agree, makes the below 10 quotes even creepier:

via Mirror
via Mirror

1. "I carried it too far, that's for sure."

2. "I've got to start eating at home more..."

3. "I made my fantasy life more powerful than my real one."

via Cleveland
via Cleveland

4. "I think in some way I wanted it to end, even if it meant my own destruction."

5. "I would cook it, and look at the pictures and masturbate."

6. "My consuming lust was to experience their bodies.I viewed them as objects, as strangers. It is hard for me to believe a human being could have done what I've done"

7. “I knew my grandma would be waking up and I still wanted him to stay with me so I strangled him… I brought him up to the bedroom and pretended he was still alive.”

8. “I took the knife and the scalp part off and peeled the flesh off the bone and kept the skull and the scalp… If I could have kept him longer, all of him, I would have”

9. “I don’t even know if I have the capacity for normal emotions or not because I haven’t cried for a long time. You just stifle them for so long that maybe you lose them, partially at least. I don’t know.”

10. “I separated the joints, the arm joints, the leg joints, and had to do two boilings. I think I used four boxes of Soilex for each one, put in the upper portion of the body and boiled that for about two hours and then the lower portion for another two hours. The Soilex removes all the flesh, turns it into a jelly like-like substance and it just rinses off. Then I laid the clean bones in a light bleach solution, left them there for a day and spread them out on either newspaper or cloth and let them dry for about a week in the bedroom.”

Do you find these Jeffrey Dahmer quotes disturbing?

Source: serial killer calendar and images via murderpedia


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