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However much chilling music and gruelling gore there is slathered over a horror nothing can top the fear factor of real life murders.

Convicted killers are sometimes driven to pen the story of their murders as they want it to be known in novel form, recounting in detail how and why they committed their grisly crimes.

What they write should be considered with a dollop of salt, but they still make terrific reads, here's five works of literature created by serial killers:

5. Robert Pickton: 'In His Own Words'

Source: Getty
Source: Getty

Canadian six-time murderer Robert Pickton recently stirred controversy for the publication of his 144-page book Pickton: In His Own Words after smuggling it from his maximum security prison via a convicted pedophile.

Someone acting in the interests of "the honour of all the families who were affected by the horrible crimes of this predator" began a petition that amassed over 50,000 signatures and persuaded to remove the book from its site.

Pickton told an undercover police officer he had slaughtered many as 49 people. He was convicted in 2007 of ending of the lives of six. He fed the bodies of some of them to his huge boar, which roamed the farm and bit intruders.

4. Sakakibara Seito — 'Zekka'


Seito is the alias of a Japanese serial killer who murdered two children and wounded three more in 1997. He was only 14 when he was arrested for placing the severed head of an 11-year-old in front of a school in Japan.

Zekka admitted to being a sexual deviant and to having turned to murder when he became bored with killing cats. Seito, whose real name is unknown to the public, received royalties of over $1.5 million for the work, but has has said he'll use the wealth to pay off civil damages awarded to the families of his victims.

3. David Berkowitz — 'Son of Hope: The Prison Journals of David Berkowitz'


David Berkowitz, a.k.a. Son of Sam, also shot dead six victims with a .44 revolver in a blood-drenched attack on New York citizens in summer 1976. He evaded a huge manhunt, leaving mocking letters for the police in his wake, until his arrest two months later .

While in prison he was reborn as a Christian, the Son of Hope. The book is part of his efforts to be forgiven. The 338-page collection of reflective essays and religious musings was published in 2006.

2. John Wayne Gacy and Shane Bugbee — 'A Question of Doubt'

The "Killer Clown" man often held responsible for coulrophobia, fear of clowns, sexually assaulted and murdered at least 33 young men between 1972 and 1978 in Illinois. Before he was discovered he dressed for fundraising events as 'Pogo the Clown'. He was executed by lethal injection in 1994.

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon

A Question of Doubt biography written with the help of underground publisher Shane Bugbee claims he is the victim of a corrupt police and media attention, and that someone else is responsible for the 28 bodies found under Gacy's house.

1. Ian Brady - 'The Gate of Janus'

Brady killed five children with Myra Hindley in the UK between 1963 and 1965. At least four of them were sexually assaulted. They became known as the Moor Murders as two of the corpses were discovered buried in the wind-swept moors of North England.

Source: Feral House
Source: Feral House

The reasons for the spree are recounted here, giving us a rare glimpse into the twisted mind of a serials killer, as well as a psychological analysis of the factors driving a dozen other serial killers.

What's your favourite true work of grisly literature?

Source: Blumhouse, Listverse


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