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If you're watching a horror movie that is really starting to make you doubt that you're ever going to be able to sleep again, a popular trick is to repeat, out loud if necessary, "It's just a movie, it's just a movie, it's just a movie."

Unfortunately, that might not always be a strong enough spell with horror movies based on real-life events. And it doesn't work for the nightmare fuel provided by real-life murders, either. So brace yourself, because the Easter Sunday Massacre will give you a severe case of the chills.

James Ruppert, The Easter Killer

The Ruppert family.
The Ruppert family.

It hasn't been adapted for the screen yet, but the Easter Sunday Massacre would make for a perfect horror movie. In 1975, James Urban Ruppert murdered his mother, brother, his brother's wife and their eight children, who had gathered at the Ruppert's house on Easter Sunday. It's the deadliest shooting that has ever occurred in a private residence in the United States.

Ruppert Battled Depression

James Ruppert
James Ruppert

According to reports following the murder of the Ruppert family, James Ruppert was a quiet and inconspicuous individual, but he was deeply affected by the rivalry between him and his brother, who was the only of the two to have completed college and had a family.

Their father had died when the brothers were still young, so only their mother kept James company when he moved back into the family house. However, she wasn't pleased with her son and threatened to kick him out if he didn't find a job. Still, there were little to no signs of James planning the murders, apart from witnesses who said they saw him practicing with his fire arm.

The Easter Sunday Massacre

James was 41 when he woke up from a hangover nap in the middle of the afternoon and descended into the kitchen where his relatives had gathered. He shot all 11 of them but apparently waited several hours before calling the police. The gruesome detail that's remained of the story is that there was so much blood in the house that it had started pouring through the floor and into the basement, where traces can still be spotted today.

Although he pleaded insanity, James was found guilty of first-degree murder for his mother and his brother, and is currently serving two life sentences at the Allen Oakwood Correctional Institution in Lima, Ohio. He is now 81.

GhostsWikia gave the house of the crime, located at 635 Minor Avenue, Hamilton, Ohio, a haunted rating of 6 out of 8, which means it's haunted by several ghosts. The first family to move in after the murders quickly left, claiming to hear voices, but the house is currently inhabited and nothing unusual has been declared.

Do you believe the house could be haunted?

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