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Now, if you happened to grow up reading Chris Claremont and Alan Davis's (absolutely fantastic) Excalibur, then it might be time to put down your freshly brewed cup of tea, since the news that's coming your way might just cause severe scalding were you to suddenly fling your arms up in excitement.

Now, sadly, there are still no confirmed plans to bring Excalibur (a British-based X-Men team originally featuring Kitty Pryde and Nightcrawler, among others) to the screen — but from the sounds of it, one of the team's most illustrious members might just have a shot at getting his very own TV show. Specifically:

Captain Britain Might Just Be Getting His Own TV Show

Yup, that's right - that Captain Britain. Brian Braddock, first introduced way back in 1976 as part of the Marvel UK imprint, might actually be getting his own show. Or, at least, that's what Scottish artist and producer Ciara McAvoy recently hinted at via Twitter, asking a very particular question...

...before suggesting that nothing was as yet set in stone:

Which, if true, suggests that we might actually see a Captain Britain TV show in the near future, despite that seeming like just about the most unlikely thing to have ever been conceived.

After all, though Brian has never exactly been obscure — he's made numerous appearances in major Marvel comic books over the years, is the twin brother of Psylocke, and was briefly an Avenger a few years back — Captain Britain is exactly the sort of niche, rights-issue-riven character that seemed unlikely to ever hit the screen.

For one thing, it seems probably that his rights lie with Marvel — seeing as he's very much not a mutant and didn't originate in an X-Men comic book — despite pretty much everyone he has history with in a comic book being part of the X-Men universe (and thus owned by Fox for cinematic purposes). With little obvious context for the hero outside of the X-Men or Excalibur, his chances of on-screen fame seemed slight.

And yet, if McAvoy's tweets turn out to be accurate - and it's still a big if - Brian Braddock might just be set to defy the odd.

Could we, perhaps, be set to see a repeat of the 1970s, with Captain Britain initially appearing in a specifically British production — perhaps by the same BBC-based folks that make Doctor Who and Sherlock, he guessed tantalizingly — before heading to the USA once his somewhat peculiar origins have been worked out?

Captain Britain's origins are, after all, firmly rooted in both Arthurian legend and surreal, ever-so-British insanity (Alan Moore has worked on the character) — which might just be a better fit for the somewhat more experimental UK market.

Either that, or it's all just a rumor. For one night at least, however, we can surely dare to dream...

What do you think, though?


Do you think Captain Britain will actually get his own TV show?

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