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I am a Box Office analyzer. Not a Professional one but a Better one.

*First of all, for the past two years I can't get myself over the fact that those 300 something critics consensus matters more than one billion people who have to pay to watch movies regularly or sometimes more often than critics.

Batman v Superman Is Tracking For Biggest Superhero Opening Ever Worldwide

Finally, two and half years of anticipation after the movie was announced at Comic Con, Warner Bros unleash this juggernaut to every corner of the world with the aim to become the biggest superhero showdown ever in the cinematic history.

Batman v Superman is tracking for an estimated global opening of $400 million on 35,000 screens worldwide. As stateside, it is tracking for an opening weekend from $160-$180 million on 4200+ theaters that includes Imax, 4DX, PLF, 3,500 3D sites, even 10 70MM prints. That worldwide debut will make it the biggest pre-summer debut ever and also the biggest Easter opening ever ahead of Furious 7 ($397.7 million).

This debut will put it ahead of The Avengers and Age of Ultron (both with a $392.5 million debut), Spider-Man 3 ($381.7 million), and Iron Man 3 ($372.5 million) to make it the biggest superhero opening ever.

It has many things working in its way to achieve this milestone. Some of them are:

Sets record in advance sales for a superhero movie

It is already breaking records and it isn't even out yet. It has already pre-sold more movie tickets on Fandango than any other superhero movie in history.

According to The Wrap, movie ticket site Fandango says that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has already sold more tickets than previous big hits like The Dark Knight Rises and Avengers: Age of Ultron, both of which did more than $1 billion at the global box office.

Some pundits expect Thursday night previews to be above $30 million while some say it will be in high 20s.

So, now we have a better idea where this movie is going.

Opening simultaneously around the world including China & Japan

The Dark Knight and Man Of Steel are eyeing a stunning $225- $250 million in overseas markets which will be below only Spider man 3($260 million). Well this is not an apples to apples match as both Avengers movies ($185.1 & $201.2 million) didn't opened in all markets simultaneously, especially in China.

Some box office pundits say it can add $60-$80 million alone from that market to this weekend's total. Age of Ultron (which was also panned by critics) grossed $240 million there so we can expect it to be in the same range.

Overseas markets, especially in Asian countries, critics census doesn't matter much. So there is a much more front loading there as compared to other slow burn European countries.

Early audience reaction is positive for the movie but critics have mixed reactions for it. Let's see whose opinion matters the most in the end as Batman v Superman is releasing all around the world in less than two days.


Which matters most for a movie's box office fate?


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