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Naughty Dog, the developer behind Jak And Daxter, Crash Bandicoot and The Last Of Us, has long since led the video game industry when it comes to technical ambition. Much like Uncharted's intrepid hero Nathan Drake, this is a studio that settles for nothing less than greatness, applying a microscopic attention to detail to every game it touches.

As such, it's not so surprising that Uncharted 4: A Thief's End looks staggeringly beautiful, harnessing the power of the PS4 to render bigger, more detailed environments for this final grand adventure.

Go behind the scenes of the game to see just how much love and attention went into Nathan Drake's farewell in these making-of videos. Look out for new, never-before-seen gameplay footage.

Part 1

Part 2

So, in summary:

Levels Are 10x The Size Of What We've Seen Before...

New vehicles, such as the off-road Jeep, will allow you to traverse great distances.

...And They Boast An Obsessive Amount Of Detail

Art Director Robh Ruppel says:

"The new hardware allows us to achieve what we've been trying to achieve this whole time, and that's just believability and complexity. It's not just 'eh, any old dirt will do.' It's a very specific dirt; how wet is that dirt? How many pebbles are pushing up in that dirt?"

I can't wait to get dirty!

The AI Is Much Smarter

Enemies will be able to assess ideal flanking routes, organically finding cover on the way.

There's A Bigger Focus On Stealth

The team has used its experience making The Last Of Us to develop a more sophisticated stealth system. You can now avoid combat encounters altogether.

Find out what other surprises are in store on May 10 when Uncharted 4 launches on PlayStation 4.

What's your favorite 'Uncharted' game?

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