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  • Since I was little my family and I always lived in homes that were haunted.

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But my more recent hauntings are where I reside now.

In April of 2015 a day on Easter I saw a little boy run into my oldest son room.

Now I have 3 kids all boys but my kids were napping while I cooked Easter dinner.

As I seen this little boy run into my oldest sons room I thought it was my 4 year old at the time. So I said hey no no no you little sneak go in your room please for now. But to my surprise nobody came out the room. I went in and saw nobody. I looked everywhere.

Then another time more recent 2016 it was around 4-5am I woke up to my kids awake as well.

I got them back to bed. Turned the lights off and I laid back down next to my husband. All of a sudden I look over at my 4 year old bedroom and not I ced a little kid walking in his room with something over it's head.

I said no hun. Back to bed all of a sudden I see my son run in his room with his blanket in his hand. I got up turned on the lights and said where's your brothers he pointed out his room. I looked around his room saw nobody else but him.

I tucked him back in bed. And was not that scared as I said I've grew up in haunted houses.

Then another time me and my husband were talking in the kitchen and noticed the bathroom light turn on by itself now the dryer turns on on it's own accord.

Hear tiny footsteps running through the house shadows start to turn up at the corner of my eye.

But of an adult.

I felt someone kick my bed before open cabinets but I don't worry though they are just trying to get our attention I think.


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