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After 151 minutes wasted everyone can agree that the movie was horrible.That's right you've read that right THE MOVIE WAS HORRIBLE!!When i went to the cinema I was so excited.Thinking who will be better Ben Affleck as Batman,Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman,Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor etc..It turned out that Ben and Gal Gadot were the best part of the movie.First let's get started with the movie itself then we will move on the characters.

The Movie was just mashed together with no plot at all!

The first 7 minutes of the movie were the best part of the movie.Everything else was just horrible.It just goes back and forward all the time.One minute you are in Gotham were Bruce's parents get killed,then you are suddenly in Metropolis where Superman and Zod fight,and destroy half of Metropolis,then again Gotham,Metropolis,some party then back to Gotham,Metropolis.You will be at the cinema just saying:What?! What happened? What the fuck is this?And at some point you just get thrown into Bruce Wayne's dream and you don't even know it's a dream.It's one of the worst movies ever.

The Characters

Ben Affleck/Bruce Wayne/Batman

Ben Affleck is the best Batman!So it is sad seeing this movie fail.Every scene with Ben Affleck as Batman is exciting.We see the dark,gritty Batman we never seen before.He is agile a great detective and has awesome fighting skills.He looks amazing in the suit and in his Batmobile and Batwing so he nailed his role.

Ben Affleck as Batman:9/10

Gal Gadot/Diana Prince/Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot alongside Ben Affleck was amazing as well!She was like a mystery woman who then reveals that she is actually Wonder Woman the Amazon warrior.Amazing performance of Gal as Wonder Woman she looks great in her suit/costume.Amazing combat against Doomsday etc.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman:9/10

Henry Cavill/Kal-El/Clark Kent/Man of Steel/Superman

Now we come to the bad parts.Henry's Superman had it's ups and downs he had some good fight scenes not as good as Batman and WW but good.But his role feels empty I mean we already saw what he can do in Man of Steel so you can't get excited about Superman when you have seen everything.So Yeah he was bad.

Henry Cavill as Superman:4/10

Ezra Miller/Barry Allen/The Flash

I can't say much about the Flash because we saw a glimpse of him so that's that I just hope they don't ruin his movie like they did with this one.So I won't grade him.

Jason Momoa/Arthur Curry/Aquaman

Same thing for the Flash we only saw a glimpse of Aquaman under water.And he wasn't mentioned after that,they just wanted to show us that they have this character.He won't be graded

Ray Fisher/Victor Stone/Cyborg

Same thing for the Flash and Aquaman not graded.

Michael Shannon/General Zod/Doomsday

Remember that one time that one Batman v Superman trailer spoiled the whole movie and ruined an amazing character.Well if you thought that Doomsday will evolve in to this

Well you were wrong he stayed exactly the same when we first saw him.The character is just bad it's like the Abomination from the Incredible Hulk face-fucked a Ninja Turtle and this thing was made.

Michael Shannon as Doomsday:2/10

Jesse Eisenberg/Lex Luthor

And here we are ladies and gentlemen the worst character in the whole movie.Jesse Eisenberg's take on Lex was odd and horrible he was just crazy and a comedian like Joker meets The Riddler you think that's good thing but no it's not it's horrible.Do you know that one person who is annoying and whiny well that's Jesse's Lex Luthor.

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor:0/10

So there you have it my review about Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice.Everyone wanted this movie to be amaznig but it's not it's not fun at all you spend half of the movie struggling to see anything because it's really dark in the movie and half of it you are struggling to figure out what's happening.So if I have to rate this movie the grade is.

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice:6,8/10


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